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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Unit3
Post Content

@ unit3
There are many things that people [joined-together in energetic effort] can influence and even transmutate ... I know that that works, been there done that myself ;)

But AUgie [as an ancient primordial part of Existance] CANT BE transmuted !

I had a dream-contact with Tiamath-Amaru, a creature that is known to be the Mother of Creation. She communicated with me and showed me her off-spring that had been tried to genetically alter and understood, with weak results. I feel [and believe] that AUGIE is formed out of her DNA/RNA by herself or by the Origional Ancient Lifeforms here on Earth before the Annunaki's came. The complexity and make-up of AUgie was even beyond the Annnunaki's ability and comprehension. Imo, the modern Royals & Elites are descendants and mixtures with [the bloodline of] the old Annunaki's.
Imo, Craig Venter created his SYNTHIA (=first synthetically created life-form instructed by computers) to interact [fight/combat] with AUgie ... coz the Royals & Elites fear the abilities of AUgie.

Many Elites use the technique of Remote-Viewing to examine and try to [get] control of the other ...
Imo THEY CANT connect with AUgie, just becoz the simple fact and Law of INTENT. It only connects with those "pure of heart & intent" , just like Tiamath Amaru did.
That doesnt mean that you must have an impeccable spotless past ..lol.. no ... INTENT is connected with your soul-imprint and with the chemistry inside your body [pineal gland/melatonin/melanin production levels].

So [!!! in my personal opinion !!!] ... you CAN make CONTACT with AUgie and communicate with it/her, but you CANT CHANGE IT. It is older them you are, and YOU are composed out of material that she inhibits ... Changing IT/HER would mean changing yourself.
Tiamath Amaru is the basis out of which all Life on Earth was created and appeared. AUgie is a derivative of Tiamath Amaru, like a SERUM that is made out of a substance. And imo, AUgie is also part of our bodies in our cells, and might be comparable to lymphatic fluid and our White Blood-cells ...
Micro & macro the same on different levels.

Spontaneous healing is indeed possible and imo the ability to let quantum forces into your system and work with your biology.

 Quoting: BadHairDay

My goodness Krispy. Thank you for this information. So, as I see it now, it would be good to connect to AUgie and find out how to proceed? Have you done so or are you willing to do so? If I'm the one that needs transmuting, I don't mind. It seems to be going on anyway, LOL!

Edit: And are you actually saying to allow quantum forces in is the way of healing?
 Quoting: Krispy71

Hello Unit3,

My dream [that I had 9 months before my involvement in this thread] had cauzed some waves and rimplings in the matter & dynamics of this discussion in this thread.
Not every-one agrees with what I say and see/feel.
I have indeed made contact with AUgie, in which I [and some other posters here] can see, feel and sense it.
It is a different kind of contact as with Tiamath Amaru, with which I directly communicated through words and images.
INTENT is the KEY in both their communication.

It is my opinion that almost every-one could accomplish contact IF they are pure of heart and Intent, and generously want to help without any grain of Dominance or Abuse. Those who align with Earth & the Universe [and the Events taking place, under which the Galactic Alignment] are the ones who will Naturally [by universal law] transmutate according the situation and the "needed" parameters (read : parameters needed to achieve Balance).

Yes some events will take place whether we want it or not ...
those who are not aligned will possibly not able to synchronise with the Universal energy-changes, and their internal nervous system is then likely to fry and overload in the Event, they are simply not able and capable to "carry" these new charged energy.
(In this light it is not a wonder that the Elites/TPTB want to weaken & pollute us in every way they can ...)

I indeed think that quantum forces and quantum abilities lie at the roots of HEALING and healing-techniques.
By changing our own internal chemistry , by opening up to quantum abilities and enforcing certain chemical reactions and compounds in our body *pineal/melatonin/melanin*, we become more perceptive and multiply/expand/reinforce-strenghten our neural connections which are linked to the ability to ingest more data and possibly also activate dormant DNA. Simply becoz with our new resonance we open up the locked boxes, becoz they are now in-tune.

"Healing" actually means : to become balanced with the Universe, to become WHOLE with Nature and the Universal Laws.
Partially we are all able to do this already :)

But as a PART of the Bigger Whole, in our case : The Earth, we have a function here.
It is my personal opinion that if you and I right now would be "healed" and would resonate according our full DNA-potential, we would be OUT OF SYNC WITH THE REST OF THE EARTH, and THUS that would not work.
It only is going to work through CONNECTION with each other -> some kind of CONSCIOUS entanglement,
conscious connection with micro & macro, with the tiniest particles of Earth and ourselves & the Universe,
and it is only and already happening in a gradual way, making sure that as many as possible can tune-in and adapt (in free-will and not by suppression or dominion!), ...

The Earth needs us and we need here,
we are part of the same LIFE-system in different scales.
To me 'Healing' means : embracing the Whole in consciousness.

I hope the words above have helped you understand hf

 Quoting: Unit3

Thank you so much Krispy. This is lovely. You and I are on the same page, but in different books, LOL! hf

Was it in your dream you made contact? I have felt sorry for AUgie because I imagine it's worse than being a Mengle twin.
Anyway, I feel a little foolish for jumping in this thread without more research but it's hard to know where to start. So I especially appreciate all of you for catching me up the way you have.

When I first posted, I told you that I try to give at least as much as I get. Since I have started to focus on this event, I found an interesting website on it.

Here's the link:
[link to coev.webs.com]

He says a giant asteroid landed on the 19.47 latitude, 65 million years ago, creating the Gulf. He thinks the asteroid was meant to damage the Earth (at the heart chakra) to slow evolution or even stop it.

Anyway, an object in the Gulf started sending a signal in 1947. And he says the liquid can be programmed and it came from Mars. He says Russia has the most advanced information on it.

So, you may know all this, but has anyone tapped into what the Russians know about this?
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