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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle Krispy71
Post Content

Yes Unite and connect.

To all:
But please [in general spoken] dont misunderstand me,
not everyone will go through this transition in a pleasant way, or feel happy undergoing it ... there will be those who wont be able to cope and carry the energy reaching us, and possibly die ...
I think there might be also those who wont feel anything, they are probably hooked and ankered in 3D and will continue to exist in 3D ...

But understand that even by death you support the morphogenetical field, and reinforce the blueprints for a better and successful way of DNA/RNA expression of others who stay behind in that new energy.
In this way nothing is LOST or without a cauze/result.
You contribute by intent/action while living, but also by support and data-feedback by death.

This above is nothing spiritual-blablabling,
but based on scientific results and findings. (Fractal principal also)

 Quoting: Krispy71

Yes, I can see this happening. I daresay there are millions creating this scenario right now as we speak. However, we are a holographic, multi-universe full of multi-dimensional beings. What happens with a Time Collapse aka Cascasde Event?

Time folds in upon itself and all creation ends up where? If you watch closely, timelines are over-lapping at the micro and macro levels.

Makes ya go, hmmmm........!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9834739

A Time-collapse Event ...
I think that TIME is a local thing. Imo TIME is not a stable continuous thing.
By the articles I have read, I have learned that Time and Gravity are interconnected,
so if gravity changes then also time-expression and time-perception changes.
Even on Earth we have different gravity-zones, and even more in the Universe(s) and our Galaxy.
And yes thus time-lines even as time-zones are overlapping,
it has always been that way and thats why on certain spots on Earth it is easier to "reach out to, or communicate" with other dimensions or dimensional beings, such places were often sacred or only known to Shamans ...

Looking at the actual event occurring right now : the Central Galactic Alignment, it is an Event that can not specifically pinpointed as HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. It happens now, and in the recent past and in the near future. Why? -> becoz the energy coming from the Centre passes through different zones [different composites of Space and Gravity and Matter] which all define their own signature and Time-expression(s). In some the Central-Galactic-Core-WAVE will travel faster, in others slower if percepted by 1 person all the time.
The TIME the WAVE reaches our Time-field and our solarsystem will be when a lot of planets are in alignment and some accurately countering that in almost 90 degrees ...
This big Wave consists out of electromagnetic energy, even plasma energy, and a lot of exotic particles which have never been seen or studied, coz we have never witnessed encountering such a Wave before in Modern History.
This energy will affect gravity and electrical circuits and conduits, it affects magnetism ... and thus TIME.

TIME is just a word given to a human experience between movements.
It also limits space ...
Maybe the Mayan calendar ends, becoz a majority of lifeforms are going to experience Space as IT IS : multi-dimensional, multi-universal, multi-much*of*everything ...
To BE IN the ability of processing many things all together, like being QUANTUM here & there, connected by and through entanglement , ... THEN "TIME" IS NOT NEEDED ANY MORE.

Some people who think limited possibly could see this and name this : "a cascade and collapse of time" ...
but in reality gravity and electromagnetics change charge and THAT defines different experiences by lifeforms.

I also believe and think that the SPLASHZONES as talked about by SQ are real and growing in number day by day ... Why ? -> just becoz of the make-up of the Wave that emerged from the Galactic Centre and which is reaching us, passed on through other solarsystems and suns. It is part of a Big-Cycle.

To me it is logic that it changes our environment and it affects our DNA [and by that our RNA is more activated].
WE are electro-magnetic beings in electromagnetic containers,
if the gravity of Earth is affected by THE WAVE, then so are we and our vessels.... and then so is our perception of how we experience our environment.

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