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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
@ UNIT3, you made reference to Co-Evolution above.

Alec Newald is well know to us, and was indeed part of these discussions for quite a while. Fantastic fella, and goes by the name of BlueET here and there.

Also you mention an organised healing effort for the GoM.

The Hutchisons tried to do it sonically, with vibration, and even recorded some shadowy movement they thought might have been augie or synthia in motion.

I think the authorities made it harder and harder for them to perform their 'healings' as they had quite a large truck, rig and barge that they needed to do it. (permits and all. I think it was something like that.) Plus you cant sustain something like that without funding.

With BP throwing money around at the time, locals probably were'nt that interested in new agers.

BlueET's accounts of his alien friends also refers to the black goo. Specifically, they say it was a booby trap, left to be restarted by a trigger event. They have been working on 'disarming' it for decades in the Antarctic territories.

Another guy, David Griffin ties in his research on the Falklands war to more black goo and incidents in that region of the world. (Antarctic territoties and island) BUT, to me, it feels contrived, and more of a favour to the OP or his partners to tie in his story to this one. It doesnt feel right at all.

Griffin tries to build confidence in his story by bringing in BlueET's work. I believe BlueET, but not the Griffin.

Another guy who references black goo and sentient oil is Alistair Martin.

Both Alistair and David G appear on the Ammach series of programs done by Miles Johnson, Bases 17,18 etc.

All can be readily found on YT.

Have fun!
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