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Message Subject Something Just Went BEZERK in the Gulf of Mexico. The US Navy just sunk a French Submarine
Poster Handle BadHairDay
Post Content
I'd like to add one little aspect, that the new commers wont see, unless they read the whole account.

Every effort was made to localise the organism, and refer to it as a thing, in the negative. (by the OP/acolyte)

Posts were made regarding other splashzones, indicating the organism was 'spreading'.

In my mind, that was a slip up, and the key reference that sent me on my path.

Many of us sensed that there was something not right with the constant reference to the fluid being negative. Right or wrong, we stuck by that.

The 'slip up' was the catylist for me seeing the fluid as not a localised pocket, but a reaction to a specific event occuring. The fluid being something occuring within the planet and sent to areas requiring 'healing', much like lymph sent to a cut or abrasion.

Quite a few of us think in similar terms, including extrapolating that further to suggest the Earth is a living entity, trying to heal a toxic wound.

This then set the battlefield, doesnt it. Those intentionally trying to harm the planet, and those trying to help it. The bulk of Humanity is in the middle, a sleep.

The battle then, is to what end? What goal? Certainly not killing the planet, surely, but maybe controlling it, or stopping it from doing something.

If you believe we are linked to our planet, and all life for that matter, then controlling it, ultimately controls us.

That this thread is predominantly about oil, suggests oil is the key. Look up what oil is used for. EVERYTHING. It is all pervesive.


So, if you say oil is bad, and a tool of those who seek to control the planet (and us), then what might be the polar opposite to that?

How about pure water? It is indeed in every living organism.

'Polar' opposite is an ironic choice of word, given the massive eforts to get to the purest waters beneath the ice sheets of Antarctica.
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