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GAZE - Gaze into my avatar everyone - Let it in so I may brainwash you - GAZE GAZe GAze Gaze gaze

Anonymous Coward
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United States
06/26/2010 07:02 PM
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GAZE - Gaze into my avatar everyone - Let it in so I may brainwash you - GAZE GAZe GAze Gaze gaze

There is a programmed message in this avatar. It shows you two very strong signals. An emergency alert, people stop in there tracks when one of those comes on TV. And a strong government symbol telling them this is an Authoritive message and demands to be trusted.

It tells you what the threat is relating it to Hell. Your biggest enemy, biggest fear, the one thing you can't entirely disprove and therefore greatly fear. And the image is shown just long enough to keep the watcher wanting.

Then a strong Eagle is what needs to happen. The watcher relates to the eagle, imagines being a Patriot or atleast introduces the idea to grow later. Perhaps in a dream or while driving.....

All the while the Highest System Advisory flashed in Red and the red flash has an illuminating effect on the surrounding text and box to mentally 'tie' the red alert to the whole image. Making it natural to the scene.

And a smooth reintroduction to the beginning keeps the watcher as long as possible.

Oh, and a text command is placed just high enough to be read but not processed so it is sent to the core of your mind. It becomes a subconscious thought and can easily be translated into your own free thought, as in....you believe YOU thught that very command.

Neat ehhh?