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Message Subject Florida Governor Urges Vacationers To Swim In Toxic Sludge
Poster Handle ScrumpTheTexan
Post Content
I've always been a fan of Crist, because I've known him personally. But like you said, he should be prosecuted after putting so many people in danger for the sake of money.

If you want to save your state, then go after BP and do it yourself.

If you need money, do what Orange Beach (Gulf Shores) is trying to do. They are trying to have a benefit concert every single week to draw people down to the Gulf Coast so the business won't die. If the fumes don't kill/harm them, then that's a pretty good way to maintain your cash flow. If the fumes get bad enough, then money is a moot point by then.
 Quoting: ZTE

Oh man... if any of these guys truly had their State's (or the People of their respective State's) best interests in mind, they'd have told BP & DC to piss off 2 months ago.. the shorelines of LA, Fla, Ala.. at least.. would be lined with skimmers, booms, & sand barriers.

The beaches would be swarming with clean-up crews.. this ain't happening..
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