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Message Subject Florida Governor Urges Vacationers To Swim In Toxic Sludge
Poster Handle IK
Post Content
This just in....Scientists have discovered that the oil in the gulf is actually good for your skin. If you want to keep that youthful glow, take a dip, play in it, or swish it around in your mouth. Oil, it's even safe for the kiddies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 417284

I will wait for the spray version, soon to be out in fall.

Even if it rains heaps in say san diego, la or even santa barbara, there is always beach closure when the cat shit and every other version of shit gets to washing out to sea as with the road pollution,
also dealing with this dark twilight zone, DO NOT ENTER WATER.
Enjoy fresh water sources before the first poising from directly above.
go to lakes and rivers, quarrys, what not,BUT..... enjoy yourselves deeply with your best friend-YOU, loved ones , close people, there will be the time description in the near future, before the rains and storm, AND AFTER- later it will be swath, wide, how much rain, where did it fall the most, the winds, .

if you must go to corpus christi, or south, there the water is good as of now, is galveston , damaged anybody know?
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