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excuse my dislexia and spelling block but psychic sex is real its practiced in vampiric soccery

the dark lord
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United States
06/28/2010 01:32 PM
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excuse my dislexia and spelling block but psychic sex is real its practiced in vampiric soccery
ok frist Im part of the oldest religon known to man when we were big man wrote in cunieuform this is several thousand years befor egyptian magic or the minoan witches it was soccery a form of multy levle magic that lead to wizzardry that lead to all your sicences and while this subject I know well my spelliong has always caused a problem their are several religons of the old path that know this process and it was used to test ones worthy ness and secricy

frist the sirring by vampiri
the victum sleeps as the phyic goes in to transecitic state or atleast accesses phyic powers like rekie

depending on if the victume is male or female the way is picked an object is picked called an effagim by acting apone it with intent and phyic ability the victume is made to feel it when used with other practisionars and tecniques such as dream scapping or dream walking one or more give a multy level sexual experince such as to be able to feel see smell and taste the sexual acts further the projection of the feelings of fangs bitting in to the flesh is so done and then other energy work is done grounding centering opening charkras and mind palise giving the victume an orgasum all done thoe no person is in the room phyicaly hence such stories as the vampire floated above the bed I felt his breath his hands on my body he ravashed me and bit me but I awoke alone my room locked from inside with this is the ability to read minds and project words thoughts immages make the body feel and controle body functions and it is high magic you see the victum realy does feel all of it has happened in the old days one who ran screaming to all was unworthy to be brought in to a covanate for fear they would break secricy and betray the members idenity remember at the time that ment death so how is it done I teach my apprentices I only take females now guys were a bother but its called simpathic magic what the effageam feels the victum feels like a vodo doll kind of but such arts learning comes at a high price one must join as an apprentice wich means giving your self mind body soul to a wizzard as apprentice and slave to learn it that means the wizzard owns you and can do as he wills with you its like a down line till he dies you are bound no you cant just kill him or her its part of the old religon

of recent som groups have learned it and used it wrong it like one trick in the book they have used it to drive people crazy and steal land ect to the girl that was screwed sorry kid who ever did it did it to fxck your head e pluribus di corrumdun elagitamatum latin for dont let the bastereds were you down
their are no defences that the untrained can use aginst it if you want traning and are female 18+ bi athleticly fit willing to do anything and I mean anything to be and as apprentice then find me the wizzard of tompkson square park manhatten nyc come alone willing to give your self it is a live in relationship and yes you do most of the work as its always been and if I except you you will become a socceress and wizardress but be warned its not easy and yes you will learn and practice sex magics with all the rest but thats whats going on now you know