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It's People Like Miggy That Restore My Faith in Mankind

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1015120
United States
06/28/2010 01:47 PM
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It's People Like Miggy That Restore My Faith in Mankind
Trinity, this is serious. I once lived in New Orleans and Key West.
Hurricane Andrew scared the HELL out of me and there wasn't even oil.

If it's due to hit this week and you plan on staying you should already have much done- plywood, lugging crap in, cutting Palms, etc.

I'm betting you don't.

Please consider this an invitation to bring your family up to my place in Vegas. It's hot but there's no oil. And I have a/c, phone and water for the month.

I don't have much to offer but a roof over your head but you'll have your own room, bathroom, and Internet connection for your web site (which we all rely so MUCH on!)

This goes for anyone who fears for their safety during Alex.

I have a big home and a big heart and I've managed to cram many people into a much smaller space during my college days and we remained happy and healthy.

This is a sincere invitation to GLP people since you've been so kind to me. We must begin to rely on each other. The alternative is not good.

Please get out. I saw too much tragedy with Andrew and we were never given the total number of lives lost due to un-documented migrant workers who were right in the path of the cat 5 at their field work camps just north of the Keys.

Trucks carried out hundreds of body bags in the middle of the night.

And that was almost 20 years ago.

Think of what they're capable of now.

PLEASE! I will make room for any of you, your kids, pets, personal storage, cards, etc. that I can. I don't have family here and will treat you all as my own.

And with the exception of the following I promise I won't bring up God if it makes people uncomfortable.

May the Peace of Christ and the Guidance of the Lord be with all of you as you make your decisions during this terrible time.

 Quoting: Miggy

Miggy, your heart is in the right place... maybe more people will get the idea... Bless you!