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Message Subject Who agrees America is in trouble because we put a president in office that will DUMP A BABY IN THE GARBAGE
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ya...how dare you...women should be able to have irresponsible se** for fun anytime they want....kill their baby growing inside of them,...at anytime...even when it is in the fully developed 9th month..and have its brains sucked out through a modified vacuum....

and have the tax payers pay for it....as many times as they want !!!

Hell, you crazy people...its not even a baby unless it is really wanted by its parent(s)...if it it not wanted...suck its brains out!!!..it is not human!!!!

Dude you're fucked up. At what point is it a baby?

I'm no abortion nut either I've had a few chicks get them.

Yes. A poor baby is seen a inhuman. A rich baby is seen as human.

A baby born to parent(s) who want it...is seen as human THROUGHOUT the entire course of its development.

A baby that no one wants is seen as an inhuman mass not fit for life.

Go figure. $$$ is powerful isnt it.

AND those who want this in place have tricked society(S) into believing the above...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1011751


ya sure, the rich run the country if no the whole world,
sorry thats the truth , they make the rules,

no one tricked anyone, the rich made the rules, and
your just not smart enuff to understand that,
don't matter if you beleave anything , or not,
don't matter if you go to church or not,
humans lie and rule over other humans,

really there nothing any normal person can do, blaiming woman is wrong and stupid, the men would just rape more,
if the woman stopped have sex.
and you know it, unless you really are some momys boy who has never been in the real world.

and before you whine about what i wrote.
understand no one give a fuck about what you think,
you are not making the rules and intell you be come the rich rulers , stop talking shit about women.
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