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Subject Are gay pride parades, gay pride parades or pornographic freedom parades?
Poster Handle Nfpdawg
Post Content
I am black. I am greatly appreciative of the people who came before me and fought for the rights for black americans to enjoy today.

With rights, also brings culture. Black culture includes mainly music such as hip hop, jazz, and R&B (this is at least how black culture differentiates itself from other cultures).

But can you imagine in 20-30 years, when gay/transexual culture becomes a normal part of our society? It'll look something like this(?):

[link to www.seattleweekly.com]

I am scared how this country will look like socially in a few decades. What I see in 'gay pride' parades is a culture that consists of mainly pornographic-influenced culture. I mean c'mon -- skimpy clothing, sex toys, and some other things I can say but some may be offended.

I'd like to ask, gay people what they think of this? Personally, (no offense) I'm disgusted and a bit worried when a day comes (and it will) when gay culture has a big influence on society, television, and literature.
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