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Message Subject Are gay pride parades, gay pride parades or pornographic freedom parades?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Funny how people don't get upset when their daughters dress like hookers to go have pizza on a tuesday night! And you should try the Austin parade next time. You would think everyone was going to country club for tea and tee time.

You have a valid point indeed.

 Quoting: Muslim by Nature

Which would be..?

Oh fuck off.
You can't even define what their point is... because they have none.

Go on, tell us... what exactly is this "valid point" the poster is making using a redundant comparison designed solely to elicit populist knee jerk reactions like yours?

You're a muslim, you see a negatively toned sentence about girls dressing like hookers, so naturally your little ears perk up.

What a predictable little automaton you are.
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