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Message Subject Are gay pride parades, gay pride parades or pornographic freedom parades?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Funny how people don't get upset when their daughters dress like hookers to go have pizza on a tuesday night!

Sweeping generalised statement, false comparison.
Irrelevant to the topic.
Grasp at straws much?

What does teenage fashion, dubious parenting and pizza have to do with gay pride parades?


Try again, try harder.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1019620

LOL, grasping at straws? Like the homophobes here blaming societies downfall on gay pride events? Honestly, I am the least confused person here.

Everyone here gets their panties bunched way up about gay people. The next comment below yours refers to a sick society. Yes, society is sick. But not because of the gay population.

See, gay pride events are full of adults, celebrating their ability to be who they are despite centuries of oppression and violence directed at them. I am straight and have been called fag when with my girlfriend, so trust me, it still happens. But at a parade, they are safe, and can say we are here and we're queer. So what? Don't like? Don't go! Don't go looking it up online to get your rocks off either.

Now, as far as teen fashion goes, that really is sick. How is it bad for adult men to dress scantily and dance on floats in a city parade that every adult knows is happening (so they don't have to bring their kids). Yet when I go to concerts and music festivals, I inevitably have teenage (under 18) year old girls come up to me without a shirt on, or even without pants on, batting their eyes and trying to talk to me? And when I look away, there is always groups of late 20's and 30's+ adult men staring at them drooling? That's sick. When you have 17 year old "pop" stars on tv everyday dressed as prostitutes grinding on poles and emulating sex acts, and they are the most searched internet term for adult men, that's sick. When I go to the bookstore, and their is a teenage girls with most of her body parts hanging out of her "fashion", that's sick. When kids have to send naked pictures of themselves to the boys in their schools, and their teachers are all trying to have sex with them and sending them pics too, that's sick. Don't you see the correlation? Are you blind? Or is it okay to live in a predatory sexed up child society as long as their are no gay adults alive? That idea, is sick.

Here's another sick thing for you to think about, a correlation if you will:

Our society is crumbling. Not because of gay men. Because people are lazy and ignorant. Selfish and over indulgent. Everyone, not just the gays. Our society is crumbling because straight people don't care about politics, don't care about the constitution, don't care that we're bombing 3 countries daily right now for empire with an excuse of false flags, that's sick. That our rights are being taken away, our economy is collapsing because everyone thinks they deserve the American dream because that's what the TV tells them even though they can't afford it, but the banks will loan it to them anyway, that's sick, and that's what is destroying us.

But instead of working on our real solutions, everyone just wants to point fingers at other people. It's the gays, it's the anarchists, its the republicans, it's the commie libs, it's the young, it's the old, it's the teabaggers, yadda yadda yadda. How about you give a rats tail about something that matters. The gays don't effect you, not unless you are closeted and can't keep your mind off of them. In that case, go get some man love and get over it, otherwise, grow up and find something better to do. The ignorance and hate is sick and unproductive. This country has a lot of big problems, and it's not gay people.

Peace for All
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