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Message Subject Are gay pride parades, gay pride parades or pornographic freedom parades?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Here are pictures I took at the Houston Pride Festival



 Quoting: Nikki_LaVey

I think the 'gay pride' movement would make more progress if the parades looked more like the Houston Pride Festival
instead of
'look at how nasty we can be in front of your children and everything'
I would be embarrased and ticked off by that behavior if I was gay; no Wonder people keep voting NO for gay marriage etc.!!!
Seriously, these people aren't using their brain, the one in their heads.
They are taking an opportunity and turning it into something contrary or radically different

"no wonder people keep voting no for gay marriage etc."

Show some respect for yourselves and others people!

A lot of my gay friends are wonderful, and many are professionals - this is the side that needs to show at gay parades.
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