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Message Subject Are gay pride parades, gay pride parades or pornographic freedom parades?
Poster Handle LANTERN
Post Content
I want to start out by saying I don't hate gay people and it isn't my job to judge them. With that being said there seems to be a set of values among the majority(not all) of gay people of very superficial things like fashion,gossip,SEX(an obsession really. I think due in part to many being molested as children),and status. Yes you could argue straight people share some of these values but I don't feel they are celebrated as much as they are in the gay community.I'm glad to see someone said what I've been saying for years in that if you want to be taken seriously and convince people that being gay is harmless to society maybe you shouldn't march in your parades in thongs, juggling dildoes, while sucking face and dry-humping the person next to you-it kinda puts up massive red flags! I mean can you really argue that?
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