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Message Subject Illuminati Card Game -- FULL DECK -- It's Starting To Make Sense Now?? Huh?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My question is this- are you saying some of these cards were actually added in later on? For instance, what about the one depicting the World Trade Center or the Pentagon on fire? Are those part of the original deck?

 Quoting: lapis lazuli 1020771

Most of the cards from the original deck made their way into the INWO game with a lot of new cards added to expand the game into what it is today.

The Pentagon card is in the original game but it's not on fire. The WTC card doesn't appear in the original set or subsequent updates but does show up in INWO.

I suppose to avoid any confusion about the game, INWO is a stand-alone game and not really compatible with the original cards and the updates. Some of the cards may share the same name or similar art theme but that's where it ends.
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