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Message Subject What happened to the Saxon nobility?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
we still are a distinct people. so where did I lords and barons go? there are many in the south, especially texas, who could claim titles if the constitution allowed.

All you Germanics... came over... became the Windsors...

my family coat of arms is almost identical to the new windsors. they want us under control but we are free agents.

You're an idiot.

Saxons didn't have coats of arms.

Their standard was taken from the Romans - a draco or dragon banner.

Stay in school kid, and get some fucking clearasil.

[link to www.fectio.org.uk]

I have a saxon coat of arms. and I am the first son of the first son going back 300 years. just on this continent. I'm not a kid I am a veteran.
 Quoting: Thor's Stone

Well then you're not a Saxon.

Likely you're a kraut who got suckered by those companies that sell rubes coats of arms and bullshit books that take info from the telephone book. Likely your parents were ditchdiggers or farmers and didn't know Saxony from Saxon, as you still do.

And owning several versions of "Call of Duty" regardless of your score doesn't make you a veteran.
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