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The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.

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FHL(C) nli
User ID: 41403355
06/10/2013 02:30 AM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Sounds interesting, who are the analysts?

User ID: 34369203
United States
06/10/2013 06:56 AM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
So there was like 3 people claiming to be the nobody on this page. I doubt anyone of them could say what was the offer ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37570036

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37570036

The offer is straight foreword and the real Illuminati understand loud and clear.

The offer is based on the Golden Rule, Karma and resurrection.

Unfortunately it takes a Nobody to understand this--pun intended.
 Quoting: ufool

The offer was from Prime Creator delivered by the nobody that all could be forgiven and they could be allowed back in to the Gates of Heaven if they changed their ways. They could avoid spending the next 1000 years in chains or being turned into less than dust. This offer was not just for the Illuminati it was for those who control the Illuminati. Scholars have determined the nobody to be an Arc Angel, Either Uriel, Meta-tron or Michael although it has not been determined exactly which one yet. Although it has not been ruled out that he could be something new.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35742717

You are correct and remember Heaven is on Earth. To return in perfect form your Karma must be maximized. What is the best way to maximize your Karma, protecting the Nobody who has maximized his Karma throughout the years.

The best label you can give him is a reminder because all he did was remind the Earthly Gods their purpose.
User ID: 1390620
06/10/2013 07:08 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
So, shall we have a little chat before we proceed onto the finishing line
that might appear larger in my rear view mirror , one not simply for viewing
rears and much more than a pretty face on a mask in arrears and affronts ..
and in er ears, like lips in the hills, oh me dears, o' the years, those bloody hands and
bloody stares, ever proposing fake heavenlee stairs, while kremating the kares
the kouldnt kares and the kouldnt kare lessites
sum thingz may be larger than they may appear when first you carelessly stare
and then, emboldened, take to stair of flight
IT maybeez larger or maybeez not so oh doltish ones
It Be a hell of a way for you to find out tho'
not something to be adjusted or corrected in hind-sight
or out-of-mind-sight

L-eat turdbags remain nothing more, nothing less
and a pretty paper crown upon a turd does not make it a royal turd,
just an equally flushable turd of tard-nation
el tarnation
altho' ya'llz kan have the title of royal turdbag for free as I must admit
it kinda suits you .. > ooo sooots you Sssssir <

Lets kut to the chase said the hound to the hairy Krishna ..

So wots one more phalse phlag amongst friendz eh mayteaze
..tho' bro and fembro ya'll might wanna check if you actually are amongst
friendz, speshally when ya'llz have tried so very hard to blur the bloodied line between
friends and N M eaze.

So more dramatics and staging for the masses, this time in Britannia,
thort I hear'd of a similar "incident" in the ol Ewe Ess Of EH
rather recent or was that another holographic rumour
And Have NO DOUBT we know as we already knewest as ifit'wer the oldest of owld
just pre-sigh-slee
where you turdbags B-headest

So with 9/11 and London 7/7 and most of these type of "things"
classified under "extremism", an old, old tool of fascism and stupidism.
Lets ask the dumbest of the dumbeast to think reeeal hard about
which "grouping" or shadow assortment of pik a mix nutbags, would stand to
benefit from stirring up hatred, animosity leading to war drums and war drones of both mortal flesh and metal,
a holy war between Chriastians and Muslims

Whats that you say larry , , Zionists .. .. good grief what? you almost said the Jey werd, bird ..
and you kurlee, you voting for the cause behind the maws to be ZioNazism with undercover Vaticanism to boot on the other foot
on the other hand........

Hmmm well I never.
But yet I did
as did many others
without need for double-take or spit-take or out take or even Chinese take out.
More of a shitake than a chestnut.

When FACTS can not be ignored.
even tho these same facts have been forcibly ignored in the past
how many more times
tho this time
No Mo'

So lets look as the British "government" stooges , ZIO-ROMAN-MAFIA em-ploy-eaze
a little closer

Who let all these immigrants (non-Christian) into the country (a veriTable flood)

UK USA and most of Europe the same agenda
= the government = the same Mafia group with long term divide and conquor agenda.

Who allowed them to stay, and gave them free housing, food and benefits like it was Christmas day every day
regardless of what these immigrants had "done" in their own countries, or to which
organisations these individuls had been connected, including al-C.I.A.Duh and other moronic letter agency ASSETS
Time bombs
Sleeper cells
Trained Zombies
moving in next door to you

But I expected beef, not trojan horse in my patsy yer onner
ya just cant trust whats inside yer bilderburgers anymore I tells ya

So what does the gov do? they create and set up groups like the British National Party
to attract like moths to a flame, then publically and politically marginalize and color-code those people not happy with
the "situation", - those that call a spade a spade and know that a spade is for digging dirt mostly,
and other late night subversive cemetary style "work" to cover up "stuff",
certain lee not for serving up cake at a tea party guv .. those people become tagged with the
"Racist" term, just as has been used with the "anti-semitic" label against those that see
Zionism for what it is and see the larger agenda beyond the fake religious theatrical farcical fascict FRONT.

The same fake front that sits on the face of the Roman Empire and the Vatican itself. Jesuwotsits? Show me don't tell you deadbeats.
To the turdbags that be, there is no "religion", they simply laugh at religion as they laugh at the masses
caught in the ever encircling (clap)trap.
To them it is just a very powerful magick word that becomes a very powerful Tool.
A spade for digging in the dirt and whacking people over the head if they
try to look WITH-IN halls and corridors of power or open the Seals of dark closets and graves freshly spay'd
freshly nailed
.about to FAIL

when is it about to fail? - you say ... ummm cant you see yet? dearie me.
Don't forget when you turn up the heat as you "boil a frogs", and brag about June being a lot hotter
Don't forget - We Turn Up The Heat on You on a slightly different scale you could say
The image of one of you trying to pee in a hurricane comes to mind ... or was it up a waterfall
Try not too get too ruffled chumps
You need to be somewhat groomed for the final flash photo oppurtoonity
Ah memories.

Ah fork it. Put a forK in it, its done.
Hand me that digeetal airbrush so I can airbrush it all pristene and purty-like and then CGI these mofoes to hell.

Back to the polly ticks - Then they use parties like U.K.Independence Party to draw everyones attention to the very in your face fact that
you are all being screwed from faceless drakonian turdbags in faceless Brussels, while you pay through the nose for it
even tho you never signed any agreements or even saw the paperwork, and that these cretins are
indeed the same lot that manipulated the first and second world wars where Germany was rebuilt post ww2
and the fake Jews were payed (to this day) reparations for things that never actually happened as per script
Of course it is only fitting that the "country" - more like - "Company" of - Israel - that was illegally created by Rothschild manipulating
things through their personal stooge l'ord Balfour and paid off UK gov memburrss, would benefit from the war, a war funded on both sides by the Rothschild Bauer
mafia terrorist money-lender group, MEANWHILE ....GREENWICH MEANWHILE....Great Britain was left to pick up the pieces on its own,
and try their best to recover from a position that was sold to them by Mafia pawns such as Churchill as "winning",
meanwhile the poor, the classes that supported the "system", and fought the actual war in the trenches, were left very much in the dirt, a long way from winning,
many lost dreams, lost homes, lost businesses and more importantly = many, many lost their lives and their loved ones lives.
For nothing. Abso-phu-KING-loot-lee nuuuthin.
Winning my fucKING ass.

Show me where is "winning" in this circular Ouroboros MindFunkkk. No, I know you can't because that would reveal YOU!

Much to the Rothschilds warbankmachine delight, many, many British owned businesses were closed down, bombed out of existence or converted into weapons factories.
Seen as a very noble thing no doubt by many that didn't quite get the picture back then (as it was still in black and white),
but it led to the loss of many craftsmen/women and artisans and artists that had the skill to make something out of
nothing, and be self reliant and prosperous within their own communities, and within the rest of the UK. A self contained island, but with many varied trade routes and options regardless
of European influence. Black Nobs didn't like tha much did they.
The very sort of independent thing that the ruling L-eat mob would not desire @ all.
A country that was an island with inhabitants that were self-reliant, hardy, feisty, courageous, intelligent ..
and so many other things that an indomitable spirit could foster
....a little something to do with the ley of the land .... power-lines ..and other magic wonders ..
the powerful energies that course through the UK and other specific global areas
that made the secret dark controllers focus so much on trying to harness, control and mitigate
the power, the LIFE FORCE ENERGY that flows so freely at certain points.
The reason so much is created or originates from specific grid-lines as opposed to others.
That is why big brother and the orwellian horseshit drakonian crap is so heavily entrenched in certain areas.
The reason for all those BASES that belong to "them".
Without all their power controls and poisons and dna crippling devices in place
the picture would be a VERY different one.
You wouldn't need friggin 3D glasses for that one. Might need shades for some critters that prefer "shady".

The war machine didn't stop turning post ww2, it just meant that many businesses and faKtories were no longer
making "nice" things or making quality things marked "Made In Great Britain", unless it was something for the war industrial machine.
They were now very much part of the Rothschild money making war machine. Britain became very good at making war stuff.
Not a very useful thing for anyone, but if they kept creating "incidents" and "enemies", then the war-machine
could just keep on ticking that cash and death register over at an ever increasing pace.
The cold war was just another excuse to keep the funding for war, growing like nothing else could, just as international terrorism
became the later version of the same excuse for the mafia bogeyman in the room of mirrors.
Precicesly where the Christain versus Muslim thing was headed at one time before things started to go pear shaped
or turd shaped for the turdsteins in charge of the pot.

The Thatcher regime did what they were told to do in the script and proceeded to
privatise everything that wasn't nailed to the floor .. In other words sell off what wasn't theirs
to sell .. sell off what belonged to the people, built and paid for by the people, .. sell off to the
highest bidder - the richest phuckheads in the land, and even those residing far beyond the land, in order that
everything should become profit driven by shadowy shareholding groups and faceless holding companies without a person
or name to actually "hold" responsible if the service previously provided suddenly went to hell, at the same time as the prices
for said service skyrocketed like nobodies business.
So that all took care of the last remaining enterprising business people and craftspersons,
and introduced everyone to the vacuous , useless, mindless, Sou-less, soul-destroying
Service Industry Age. And phast phood. Super Sighz me .. *sigh*

An age where they require a million impossible credentials in order to qualify for
an interview, for a position that makes no sense no matter which way you hold the form, and no matter which goebel translater
you use, ... but suuuure sounds damn important and impresssssive ... for not very much pay and very long hours.
Sadly of course you don't come up to par or even mar and you were up against
10000 others which the agency told you were much better qualified than you anyway, ...and much younger, with perkier tits than your middling moobs,
handlebar moustache not helping matters much either,
so you throw in the paper towel with "Britannia rules the braves" printed on it ..( tea emm'd by a company called Shillingstein and co, Hong Kong
..made in China .. printed in micro pixels inside the union jack flag) ....and then some weeks later you research who actually got the job for which
you were not ably qualified to reach even the pre-interview stage, after filling in the 40 page plus application and dna sample, to apply for an impossibly
named position, that seemed a connundrum unto itself or a random assortment of words that could mean absolutely anything or nothing at all, in the
same vein as a PolY-TI-shun. PolY esther. Nah nothing phaeke about that one eh?
....sorry got side tracked
for a moment in thyme....

..so, you research who actually got the job and you wonder who this multi-talented, multi-cultured ..er sorry I meant multi-tasking,
multi-qualified wunderkind of a genius could be .. and then you see ..and
you go...

If there is one thing I will always remember about this realm of retardation
and rhetorical nun-sense, it will always be
On so many multikultural levels it aint even funny,
tho' it is as it is.

So back to the moment labelled as "present" tho' it suuure aint one of those
Christmas type of presents that give you those monarch butterfleas in your bell E
and not a present that keeps on giving .... it just keeps on taking ..and taking
and anyway not eveyone is marked as "present" yet
and the "present tense" tends to make some people a little
umm tense .. and jittery
but that is what turdbags do when you light a fire under their nether regions
that leads to extreme panic ... and that dear kiddies is where we find the
notorious turdbag primadonnas that be ....
back on the mini stage creating fictional dramas of Gore and fake war
for y'all to adore, so they can show ya'llofyall to the door.
Just mind the gap on yer weyout won't you heartY fukkenHArr and HooRah

So, a desperate attempt to kill various birds with a small pathetic stone, not even a Georgian one
unless you got the pebble from George Doublya's paw - you get it? - paw ...Pa .the old gangsta
himself, the one who could very well have given the order to shoot JFK ,, ah CIA Mossad,
grassy MOLE , whatever .. is there a difference? .. you tell me ..
Turds all look kinda similar and I aint that fond of looking at them too closely.

Is this really supposed to get all Christians so steamed up that they hop neatly in line behind
the current UK "friends of Israel" government (Rothschild holding company - yes the UK gov too asif you didnaknow)
and jump directly into bed with all dark fellons that desire to go to full out war with Syriah and then onto Iran
with the orgasmic bonus of Russia and China getting in on the sordid little orgy
of None-Sanity, the desired and fully achieved mental state of the dark turdbags. They aint even "In" it anymore (Sane-It-E)
And then there is "IT" , or is that just another ak crow nim for InterNet Traknoledgee
Sometimes those who are in Transit are locked In Trance
and can't find the En Trance. Guess sum of them took the N trance.
You hit the N - the Z - side on and you won't gain any trance just trounce.
And bounce. But enough LoG Is Tics.

So lets see again, where were we, oh yes .. the government and gov handlers let the useful idiots
into the UK/USA etc -in this case UK, either alCIAduh or Mossad assets, and then they use them to set up an "opportunistic"
timeous political moment to garner support for their actions in Arabic countries - now Syria then Iran
before, it was to garner support for going to Afghanistan and Iraq of course, so the Rothschildian Zionist
Terrorist Group set up the stage for 9/11 7/7 as if it was a punch and judy puppet show and everyone watching it was a four year old half-wit
with impaired vision and MMR vaccine created attention deficit disorder and peroiodic bouts of autism, and have extreme difficulty following simple connect-the-bots
strings and chains of sequentially linked events with clear etheric timestamps and fingerprints of actual perpe-Traitors and Human-haters
At this stage they have had to downsize considerably because EYES and I's, let alone 'ere's and heirs are upon them from ALL directions where there
are no dark corners or boxes to hide behind or inside.

And What if Shroedingers box turned out to be, InDeed, a Sphere .. not a S-fear
an object which may appear to be a circle from afar or even a dot when its knot
and then you might even begin to think or RealEyze that you are actually INSIDE the sphericALL thing you called a box,
and the Kat was never inside it all. Shroedi would be quite b'side himself.
In fact you klowns have let the kit E kat right out of the bag ..err.. boX
BO-X .. where in this particularly ingenious E-quayshun, X marks the spot ..or box
after BO ...naught kittE Kat marking that spot so flagrantly and not so fragrantly

sometimes when viewed from a different perspective as the Kat leaves the room
as proud as punch, tail held high as if to say "hi 5" .., the x marks another spot.
But we wont go there now will we.

Back to recent flags bearing false witness in the UK ..
So, the other purpose that seems rather convenient at the moment is to try and tie
all UKIP supporters into the groups that are now coming forward as wanting action against Muslims
and looking for blood and a fight - the same methods employed by the Zio-terrorist alliance
in countries like Egypt and Libya where they provided the crowds of protestors and stirred up riot groups,
creating what was meant to appear to the outside world as freedom fighters against evil governments that were oppressing
them and killing women and children first using chemical weapons and other less creative "memes" from the "gulf years".
Remember them eh GHB ,, ah c'mon sure you do. You, Henry Kissinger, Zebig Brzezinski, all the old PNAC klowns,
CFR, Trilateral Commission - without permission yet on a mission ....impossible - , .. what a riot it must have been ... such
memories eh ... How are the Bin Ladens doing anyway.
Still very rich I hear ... even richer than before ... and you too ... my my ... tho' not so much in health or spirit
.. tut tut ..an Khamun now Does your cousin queen Liz know about all this who-ha ... oh she does hmm ...oh she did what?....
So where does ALL that moneaze come from and all that property land"lord"ownership.
You really think you can take it with you?
It can't be legal surely. Oh yes I see how it works now.
Don't mention all those fake taxes levied on the people or the stolen gold and fake moneeze. Ok I won't mention it I promisss.
What a small world.
What small people you turdbags really are.
And so very impotent without your moneaze and toys. EmpTy I would say .. runnin on ....
Hopeless wouldn't you say? Like a box without a kat, or a hat without a cat. Maybe just a box with a hat and still no kat.
Can you juggle? You alreasy have the look.

Anywayz, it might be one of those simpleton "klowns that be" idea to marginalize the UKIP supporters
by drawing them into the whole arena of "out of Europe", and then "all foreigners out .. especially Muslims",
thereby you create another BNP situation and get all the dopes who want to be
oh so politically Kor-rect to shun UKIP and say its a rascist party, and then get all the millions
of immigrants who are Muslims with the gov given rights to vote then to back either Labour or Conservative (same team), Coz you allowed
them in, in the first place, and the agreement surely is to vote for the party that gave you a free ride in Britain .... no? ... and all this shinola
so that you will still somehow hold onto your Rothschild driven steamboat into hell (and maybe a turd whirl'd war or three).

There were some rather worried faces when the figures came out showing UKIP as acually being very much in the running
at the next election, ousting Lib dimwits, when all this time you tried to paint UKIP as a joke party, with a following
that were keen on ruining trade relations with Europe and losing millions of jobs in the process through sheer xenophobia and fear,
when in fact you knew very well that paying billions into the European black-hole coffers every year was simply about being part of the Mafia controlled Klub,
and nothing to do with trading relations or job lossess. Quite the opposite in fact.
Those billions paid into the EU Mafia is just an old fashioned mafia "protection" thing.

Most do not even realize that Blair, Brown and Liz signed -ILLEGALLY- away Britains rights as if it were their very own property.
Sorry Lizzie but the U.K. aint your little island to sell out as you wish this time, that time, or any other time okidiki. And neither is the U.S.A. ... or Australia for that matter.
Maybe you can keep parts of the outback altho' I recommend a chat with some Abborigine elders first ok. No doubt in all the fine print and creative writing contained in the bogus EU (illegal)
bullshit treaties and "agreaments", The UK could not withdraw from the EU even if it wanted to (without a war). That is why Cameron who won his election based on the fact that he said he would
hold a referendum on EU membership - yes or no - once he was in power, has remained silent and cautious up to now. Once he was in power the reality was that he is not
able to hold any referendum, according to the very laws that were agreed upon by the former traitors and the Queen in private.
A referendum is a joke anyway based on what happened in Ireland when they voted no to the treaty and then were promptly
ordered to re-vote but this time with the correct yes vote or else. SAuuure enough it was yes the next time. fairy stories come true if you wish hard enough they say, or if you freeze-frame reality
and just keep throwin the dice until your number comes up -as long as it takes.
They should remove the referen part and just call it a dum.

It was never their RIGHT N.E.WayZ to sign these papers without fully informing the public of the actual meaning of the garbled content and how it was all about
giving up Sovereignty to another power group - then holding a non-fixed vote. Like that would ever happen eh. Handing over Sovereignty like that is simply not possible or legal by any stretch of the imagination.
Especially since Britain was not taken over in a war situation .. coup .. or was it. What was that again about Britain winning the war.
Where did you say the Rothschild mob were from again ... and the Windsors? Riiiight.
They never asked the Britons for permission for any of it. They railroaded them by stealth, disguising it all originally as trade agreements and job creation, albeit heavy handed
stealth drakonian Nazi-style.
Now the barefaced cheek of the Conservatives to say that if they are elected NEXT election they will hold a referendum on Europe.
No you won't. You know you cant. The only way out is to declare the entire agreement/treaty whatever ..ILLEGAL. Not to mention it was signed by a couple of war criminals.
An agreement with an ILLEGAL entity in Brussels that has not been audited properly and signed off (ever ..is that right eh mate).
A corrupt bunch of Satanic Drakonian Phuckheads at best.

Now this same Camoron tool and William Hague are baying like sheep at a slaughter for the UK to go to war
again against the PEOPLE of GREAT BRITAIN'S wishes, without even debating the realities.
Without any authority at all they, along with the other Zionist controlled mob in the USA have been arming "rebels"
in Syria - the very same rebels they - UK/USA leaders - were calling alCIADuh terrorists not very long ago.
The same lot that they armed in Egypt and Libya.
In other words your government - paid for by you - is arming terrorists
that are active now posing as rebel freedom fighters along with blackwater style and special ops teams - then later will be used against you (by the same phuckheads that be)
to be YOUR enemy on a different stage of theatre. The same way it worked when they once armed the "rebels" in Afghanistan
Bin Laden was their man - and they were best friends with Saddam Hussein in Iraq. Once they were trained and armed to the teeth, they became the bad guys
when it was needed politically by the Rothschild Banking Mafia War Machine to tighten up the laws and delete or overwrite the ones giving Humans any power at all in any situation.
The terror laws passed after 9/11 and the patriot act - similar intrusive laws worldwide by global mafia including the right to detain indefintely or kill anyone they suspect of
a wide sweeping, open-ended meme they label "terrorism" as if they are God themselves and able to determine what maketh a terrorist or "national threat".
It doesn't take a genius to figure out the math here, or the projected end result.
Aint gonna happen.

It also doesn't take a genius to figure out that the axis of eeebill were all countries that were not
under the direct control of the Rothschild group - World Bank I.M.F Mafia terrorist group.
Obviously they were also all very rich countries with vast assets of minerals and oil that made the Zionazi group wild with envy and greed.
Zimbabwe clearly didn't quite make the cut, and yet Robert Mugabe could use a steel boot up his murderous ass.
Again obviously they killed Chavez and got rid of Gadaffi and the rest that wouldn't Don the Zio suit.
Now its Syria, tomorrow it will be Iran.
It has absolutely nothing to do with religion or the safety of Israeli citizens. They are simply the middle eastern Trojan Horse and money laundering centre for the mega rich.
It is simply about total control and wealth and greed. Planetary domination by a select few - not selected by GOD.
That's for damn sure.

With the power that comes with controlling these rich countries, they feel they will hold all the cards
and their particular insane faction will rule over another insane inane faction. I wouldnt put any money on that "dream" if I were you.

What's rich (as in laughable) is the way they sell it to the USA people,
and in different Mengele wayz und meanz in the UK, as being something that is beneficial for the USA / UK people,
as if it is a mutually beneficial endpoint we are working towards. 0
The truth is they would kill you all in the time it takes to push a button if they could, if it helped speed up their agenda.
The truth is also - you can't always try and understand the motives of someone or thing that is absolutely insane and devoid of Soul or Spirit.
Some of us have attempted to study this behavior and come to the conclusion that there are better things on which to waste ones time.
Yet there are still so many dummies that fall for it. Can they all be Israeli Zio plants - Mossad or Rothschild army puppets
trying to sway peoples minds towards their own insanity for their equally insane dark masters, or are there actually people out there that
are really that gullible and outright stupid.

on the UKIP party thing - I am not saying they are a good or bad thing yet, although Ken Clarke (Cons) and Peter Mandelson (Lab) (Bilderberg/Rothschild) (very PRO EU) apparently set
up a group in Europe - a task force of some kind - sounds rather sinister to me - to work against and undermine UKIP, so I see these type of maggots as being
very able and capable of causing a false flag style event to garner support for anti-Muslim action as they did with the war in Iraq, and in doing so kill a couple of other
birds with the same stone. Primarily to serve the WW3 Muslim versus Christianity Zio-crowd and get the support they don't have for the Syrian/Iranian operation, the Rothschild/Bilderberg mafia
thugs would definitely try and pull this sort of false-flag act (in Woolich). It reeks of the desperation they (The N.W.O. ZIONAZI's) currently possess.

I would need some time with Farage and Co to decide, because all sides of opposition are usually controlled
and Nigel was a banker before politician - so spots changing and all - and there are factions and then there are other factions,
and most are bad/negative and do not serve Humans or any Being with a Soul seeking evolution or Freedom from this same ol shit.
"All Change" means a hell of a lot more than a lick of paint and a new headmaster weilding the same old school cane.
I guess when you are insane and impotent, watered down by equal measures of morbid moroninitty, and you sit on a vast stockpile of weapons
that you think is hi-tech (lol), then I guess you just are not going to stop doing what you are doing until someone steps up
slaps you down, and stops you dead in your tracks.
Prison 4U in this realm and beyond or worse - permanent.
Your kind goes no further.

This cancer stops here and now before you infect anything or anyone else.

You refuse to get on your knees. You refuse to submit to Higher Powers of Light - Of The Source.

Some have seen some Light. There is a ray of hope in them now. Perhaps.

For those that have stuck with the same old stuck broken record of a dark program ..>

There is No Way Out....

No Escape....


No Future For You.
No Matter What You Do.

Samson Option and End Times Appocalypse Script = Not Allowed

Nukes = Not allowed

WW3 = Not Allowed

You Will Be Treated As You Have Treated Others.

It Will Be Revealed Globally (This Earth Realm and Beyond) = Who You Really Are

Who WE Really Are........

You Will be treated with the same disrespect and the same Callous disregard For Life as you have treated and shown others

You Will Feel The EXACT Same Pain You Have Inflicted On Others For Centuries

and Much More

It Is Only Fair

To Be the Man In The Mirror

In Return



 Quoting: Jak Blak

Soooooooooo w,

4 doze that dont like the long wind
hey, wind is sometimes short, sometimes long,
but should never be held in or things could go wrong
and should never be underestim8ted

And Hello Seer
Good 2 See Yer
n thanks fer reading
saw the 8rt u cre8ted
May you have much success

and to those who threaten posters here and there
you get none
Blak Jak
User ID: 1390620
06/10/2013 07:10 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
It looks like you jackasses still don't get it.
Don't worry, you will, but its much too late for sidestepping, goosestepping,
showboating, covering up, or diverting attention away from the subject matter
at hand. Despite the military maggots and agency jerkoffs that come here and post
meaningless chatter and twaddle to keep the pages turning away from posts
"inconvenient" to their "game" plan.
Ya got no game you spineless soulless droids.

You morons thought the best response to my last post was to carry out some
more assassination attempts on targets and up the pressure with your toys. You are so
very predictable. You walked right into IT. YOU FAIL AGAIN. Then - ... _ YOU FALL.

Lets talk about your HAARPing systems for a moment shall we, and the connection
to GLP and other such "conspiracy" sites. Conspiracy being just another word
such as racist and anti-semitic. Another blanket to keep your secrets "contained".
only thing is it is not and never could be .. "contained" or see cret.

If one were to look at the publicly available maps of the HAARP systems worldwide
which shows some, but not all which are known, .. the more secretive ones which
are part of your illegal war systems. The maps show the usual Alaskan site - Raytheon ->
U.S. Air Force, dark military controlled weapon of mass destruction for terrorising and
killing innocents .... but publicly funded as with all your toys, yet off limits to all
who might wish to investigate where their money went .... off limits in the same way
as "Area 51" and other similar black budget "untouchable" sites of "research".
Couldn't have them finding out how their tax money and stolen trillions and trillions
of black budget loot was poured into a very deep dark hole of "secrets", funded as said,
by hard working people, not "slaves" as you might call them, ... People ... HU-MANS
.... HU-MAN-IT-Y .... Innocents and Civilians, SOVEREIGN CITIZENS ....
SOVEREIGN ENTITIES ....BE-I-NGS - - - - mostly with more Soul and Spirit than you will
ever even understand within your hive-droid zombie "families", fake royals and fake gods.
Plastic gods and plastic tools led by plastic fools. Non-bio-degradable.

And you proudly use that weaponry, those "star-wars" systems, those stolen
Tesla weapons, against the very people that you say it is there for, to protect.
At the same time you create all the external and internal "threats" to justify
false law making and more false constructions like NSA's behemoth of dARKness,
not too mention all those offshore, hidden and ocean based installations and platforms
above and below the surface. You invoke fake laws around (false) "national security",
and close up any loop holes in order to prevent anyone looking further into those "holes"
that be and finding out eXactly how to de-loop the loop and destroy the destroyers, for
all time, .. forever.

Cant have them finding out about NY 9/11, London July 2005 (7/7), Sandy Hook and all
those other false flag "shooting" events ... Boston, and all the other false-flagged
and controlled weather war events designed purely to ENABLE your DARK systems of control
and shut down any further QUESTIONS or TRUTH ....by keeping people forever floundering
around in the dark, in fear of something or other, even Sister or Brother, because you
know very well that, ONCE KNOWN IN ENTIRETY, OR EVEN ONE BY ONE, Your covert and overt
operations of "Terror" - YOUR KARE-FOOLY controlled terrorist operations - your EN-TYRE
system of madneSS would COLLAPSE - WORLDWIDE - WITHIN SECONDS .. if not sooner ..if you
wish to deal in "time" and other false konstrukts. And "time" which you will serve, those
of you lucky enough to not just become a distant memory ... or forgotten nightmare
*POOF* ........
(t'will be your final proof)

Now as we were saying .... if one were to look at that HAARP network globally, and, knowing
that it is controlled by the U.S. Air Farce, .... as per dark design .... USA entered WW2
in the later years, with the end result being the superficial perception - FRONT - of appearing
as the last minute big brother saviors .. the tipping point, and the end of the overt war ....
but instead of defeat and public trials, the main Nazi puppets and scientists went into hiding,
magically whisked away to all those "secret" miltary bases and underground installations.
"Operation Paperclip" we are told. Yet was it really what it seemed or just a slight of hand in
the same glove puppet. The ZIO-NAZI scientists were now working under the USA flag - same difference
as they were funded by the Rothschild mafia group anyway. Only the apparent locations changed.
Just as with politicians and (fake) opposing parties, when things get too hot, or when people start
to catch the stench of death emanating from their filthy red hands and empty hearts, you do the old
about-change, just as an actor dons a different mask and change of cloths, change of colour.
Changing of the Guard. Yet nothings changed, just rearranged and DE-Ranged.

The war on Terra against HUMANITY carried on unhindered with the deepest false goldman-saks-lined
pockets of anyone in the world, and some of the wealthiest and most productive "workers" to fund it
whether they knew or liked it or not. This last minute pre-arranged scripted game-play by the USA
in WW2 led to ENABLING the TROJAN HORSE part of the plan ..>>>
or ALL your base(s) belong to U.S.(eh)
That move on the chess board ENABLED the Rothschild ZIO-NATO and ZIO-U.N. to take to the stage in a
big way foisted on a freshly traumatized and war-weary public, a new dark BIG excuse for their "existence"
just as with all recent false flag events and false wars designed to traumatize in the same way they do
to their MK-ultra style victims in order to gain compli-ant "support" for their actions and divide the opposition
or resistance into manageable byte sizes - compart-mentalized - to be digitally manipulated in more ways than one.
ZIO-NATO and ZIO-U.N and the USA and those "allies" who were either with or without (funding from the
Zio-cash masheen), became the worlds so-called global police. Bringing the mockery of democracy to your
doorstep, not just a town near you. What a farce this "force" was in actuality. DemocraSSee - only for
dose that donts see .. and so crass to see a demo of it in plain sight 4ALL to see.

This ENABLED the USA -Nato-U.N.Allied "peace-keepers" or rather *kare takers and piss takers* to
establish BASES in every territory on the globe within their mafia banking controlled sectors, and even
establish bases in far-flung and isolated regions that were out of sight, or islands not named or obscured
on the map. They placed these bases within all of their so-called allies post WW2, and all the European
countries which were no longer at war, but needed the big brother power of the USA to lurk within their
borders as policemen, and let them overfly foreign territories at will. Much as with the Chemtrail program
linked to the same HAARP airforce program, and NATO allied countries - the open skies treaty futher
ENABLING the covert war to carry on without question because it was all done for your own good .. safety ..
protection. False (Flagged) Mafia protection again.

Bases in Germany of course, because you were now the savior and the policemen, (and secretly also the banker,
the baker and the candlestick maker), and bases in the UK of course - which makes it clearer when the
Pan-Am 747 was shot down over Lockerbie, or blown up as they claimed - - - word was that there were American
sounding military personel on the ground ALREADY at the site of the crash before it happened, with instructions
to shoot any survivors on the ground if any, and apparently there were. All those military vehicles secretly mobilised,
setting up camp in a small Scottish town in the dead of night, with a dark mission involving many civilian casualties,
an act of false flag terrorism, in the air and on the ground, that could only be authorized by a few dark maggots at the
top. The flash of a missile was seen by more than one witness on the ground (wonder if they are still alive).
The tell-tail flash of a rocket, as with the TWA flight that was taken down over the Atlantic shortly after leaving
New York. Oops was it. Or OPs - black in back.

Of course that Locherbie "bombing" was another false flag event, falsely blamed on Libyan terrorists,
further ENABLING Libya to be classified amongst the rest of the "enemies" of the (False-Flag-False-Fronted)
Company called "Israel" - i.e. Rothschilds enemies. The ones that refused to co-operate or submit to their
so called new world WAR-der Mafia take-over. A world of Anti-Humans .... Anti-Soul.
The territories renamed "terrorists" because they would not allow a Rothschild or US war base or bank to be built
within their territories. And look at the enormous base and underground facility that was built in Iraq - only
temporarily for the (fake) war they said, and just like the bases in Afghanistan and other invaded areas.
Is anyone foolish enough to think after spending billions (of tax payers stolen blood, sweat and death money)
on tactical military bases with massive infrastructure above and below ground, you would just walk away from it.
Those things are permanent BASES - occupation of another's sovereign territory. By design. And then another
nice big HAARP style array -weapon of mass destruction- can be built out of sight, ..maybe also a supercollider or
two below the silo. I guess you don't have a vast base built in Syriah or Iran just yet.

And all those tall buildings, like the new world trade eye-sore with massive pointy airial things on top.
Not just a sudden in-spir(e)-ation is it. Not purely symbolic is it.
All-Wayz with INTENT.

Soooo, bases in Germany and Europe, UK, all a tip of the dark ice-berg, never forgetting about all those
hidden areas at the polar "caps", and when not in Kansas anymore, then Australia, the place many see as
the seat of the n.w.0, or the foot with the boot on it - especially Pine Gap. And Tasmania as their resting perch.
Yes I did see that Tasmania = iamsatan in so many words as with the changing and naming of many other secret society
inside joke word-games. Planned well in advance. What a load of Don-Key bullocks.

Australia had such vast "untapped" areas in which to establish vast bases such as the Pine Gap installation
around Queensland .... what does wan think of such things and done in wans name I say eh wot ..
They have bases and huge HAARP style installations/arrays, right across OZ as most now know.
And the Aussies think they actually have their own country. What a joke. One of the most karefully kontrolled,
fluoridated and test-bed monitored areas in the world next to USA and UK. And now brought to you by the dark
brotherhood > Gee Emm Wheat-a briks and brak. Gee Anty Emm whatever are they doing to us new guinea pigs.
Testing grounds 1,2,3..... is this thing on?

Aunty Liz chuckles so hard whenever she sees the "pictures"on the Aussie money, and whenever they "vote" to
"keep" her. She chuckles when seeing how in yer face all the other black magick symbols and sigils
or whatever they are called - to ENABLE their control over YOU - proudly displayed on the dark moneaze.
Your permiSSion without admiSSion yer honour no honour.
That "esoteric" magica is on all the paper currency & coinage. Designs are by and for purposeful design, not just
for pretty pictures. No "design" by "them" is purely by chance or becoz it looks puuurdee.
The newer British coins are particularly overt in my opinion ....and yet no-one seems to notice what they carry with
them everyday. Your pockest are speaking all the time but you don't hear the words they whiSSSpurr. Enabling the control
system. Without it you end up as some have .. on the street, or forgotten in some type of institution, as did Prince Phil's
Mother, who either said the wrong thing, knew too much, or revealed the light inside her to the wrong insider.
But it shouldnt have to be that way ..ever.. and It Will Not Be That Way Anymore or Ever Again.

*Some things are worth waiting for*

But back to the Ha<a>r.ping and Ha<a>rpooning of Man and Woman Kind:

Thus we can see that there are vast arrays - huge antennae - built into all these bases and territories apart from the
ones hidden deep within society, woven within the hypnotised fabric of "normality". The miltary ones are very securely
fenced off and kept away from public eyes. Blanked out and pixelated on the joke that is garbled errth sat maps. These
things are part and parcel of the most top secret programs on Earth. Everything is controlled, affected or animated by
WAVES .. wavelengths .. FREQUENCY .. VIBRATION and the MANIPULATION thereof.Without these tools, they have NOTHING.

These Vibrations and vibrational fields, coupled with electro-magnetic fields are the bars to your prison, the walls of
your controlled dark world, the boundaries of your MIND .... DNA and physical brain function barriers.
in other words .... K-E-Y-S
Controlled by the klowns that be .. the Keystone Kops.

Disguised as a research project, a radar and communication system, a shield to protect, from incoming "objects",
or to prevent excessive rays from the sun ..or EMP's ....yet it is more along the lines of keeping OUT the
waves which are BENEFICIAL to the LIFE FORCE ...the memories of other lives ..of other worlds..of WHO YOU ARE .. shielded
and shrouded -forgotten- L.O.S.T. (as the tv buzzwords are dangled in yer face) within electro-magnetic smog and HAZE, most
importantly, to try and prevent the Earth and Beings upon Earth from the external forces ..waves .. which cyclically cause
the raising of vibrational levels, (the time when fake "gods" turn back time and reset the hamster wheel), vibrational energetic
levels which lead to freedom from the control mechanisms and Consciousness Veil, free from the phunny pharma pharm.
The same farm that split an 8 into an 0 creating a closed circuit. 0 Oh, and a timed loop. What is closed curcuit
tv anyways (cctv) other than a reminder of the prison yer with on (but not within). A Pri-Son - sounds a bit like
Sion and Prism .... indeedy yes no less. And what about a Pry Sun - an all seeing and all seering eye.

Lets look at some of those BASES that belongst to "them" ...
a pic that tells a not altogether accurate story, but shows what a small world it is in which we struggle.
[link to www.flickr.com]

and this:
[link to digisonde.com]
please note --- @E//g*l*in A%F*B* in the U.S.A. -Florida
and R.A.F. FAIRFORD (Wiltshire area) AND CHILTON bases in the United Kingdom.
Particularly R.A.F. FAIRFORD, Wiltshire, U.K. as we know and see what you do there and who and how you target.
we see what you did last week and years before, not just what you did last summer.
Whether it be Royal Air Force or combined special OPs forces U.S.A.F etc, drones or phone homes, manned or de-man'd ... dehumanized ...
it all falls under the territory of Elizabeth the second, the Windsor klan and Rothschild territory, MI5/6-NSA-CIA-Mossad as a starting
point of reference and response to these years of attacks and attempted murder of unarmed, non-comabatant, non-military, civilian,
Sovereign Beings/Entities. This has been going on for a long long "time" now seen from many angles - internal and external.

The buck will stop there regarding this particular "matter"
.... or begin ....
for you there can be No WIN

GIRO = Global Ionospheric Radio Observatory
Digisonde is an acronym for Digital Ionospheric Goniometric Ionosonde
Digisonde belongs to a class of advanced ionosondes that evaluate angle of arrival, polarization, and
Doppler frequency shift of skywave signals reflected from the ionosphere, in addition to their travel
time that is conventionally used to determine range to the reflection point
The first Digisonde was deployed at *_E/*/g/*/l/i*n* *A*F*B_* in Florida in 1969
123 digisondes have been built by UMLCAR engineers as of March 2010
as that date of 1969 and the co-incidence with their theatrical "moon landings", and "space race" will tell you,
these programs have been in place a lot longer than you realize, as with the chemtrails.
They say publically that all these gizmos are used to "test" and "measure" worldwide, the results of their ionospheric
"testing". And yet they are controlled by military. No questions allowed. The military have a lot more colliders than most
know about other than CERN. They are not what they say they are for.
These GIRO's and other differently configured arrays and broadcast equipment are part of vast HAARP style arrays spread all
over the globe - the smaller ones merely relay stations or power points in the scalar circuit - to amplify signals and provide
local coverage - i.e. target the local "subjects" or areas they wish to torture, assassinate, or prevent from awakening to their
fullest potential.

The ringing in peoples ears both high freq. and low. freq. pulsations and rumbles, and the feelings of gravity and time displacement,
amongst other low frequency disurbances, and general feelings of deep internal disturbance in the force ....not being well
or not being at ease .. ill at ease or dis-ease ..
began to manifest worldwide at the EXACT time that the HAARP systems and CERN went to high power, or full powert at that time.
When CERN went online and was kicked into high gear, many might have noticed a feeling of a shift DOWN-wards in pitch, a change/shift of gears,
a disturbance felt within the core that something negative just occurred, as if a plane was decending and lowering the speed of the engines.
Not a good feeling. A clear attempt to lower the vibrational energy fields of Earth and Humans and attempt to negate the rapidly
rising Consciousness levels which they knew as per script was to occur at that time, and had planned long in advance to try and neutralize or prevent
from occurring.

As discussed in the past, these things operate alongside or within the same "program" that runs all the microwave cell-towers, WI-FI and
"super" WI-FI, GWEN and TETRA towers and other broadcast devices - including the electrical grid networks. All connected to the B.e.a.s.t
computer systems and CERN - skynet and their "research" facilities worldwide. Most of Humanity have become walking breathing targets via chemtrail
"seeding" - the nano-tech objects and metals once absorbed helping to make an individual a much better receiver and (transmitter as in internet ping-ing)
of all these broadcast transmission technologies and more vulnerable/controlable within the electromagnetic spectrum.
Most of these technologies like microwaves and the stew of nasties within the skynet "seeding" are there to damage DNA.
To try and negate any DNA strands from re-activating or waking up. Look up the "science" behind microwave ovens and you will see that the basic principle
is that is breaks down the molecules with wave force - and I guess the friction creating the heat - and in the case of water, when being heated, it literally
tears the molecular structure apart, and destroys the active life force within - unlike boiling water in kettle for tea, it renders via microwave destruction,
a hot cup of unhealthy non-life-giving dead water. The same with any goodness within any frozen food - rendered lifeless.
The same as the microwaves from cell phones WIFI HAARP and all the other digital modern gizmos do TO THE HUMAN BODY AND DNA.
That is the reason they try and irradiate most major store/supermarket vegetables and fruit. To keep the shelf life for longer they will tell you, so they look
good for longer, but have no inherent food or nutritional value anymore, or minimal. Humans themselves are being irradiated in much the same way.
That is also the reason for the rapid decay in modern society as opposed to isolated tribes and areas. Fukushima has nothing to do with it. A smokescreen in case
you actually check the radiation levels. Hard to do in the UK as it is known that the UK government had all publicly available and affordable radiation testing
devices removed from the shelves of all retailers. Not allowed for joe public to see or know about how dangerous the world around them has become ON PURPOSE,
BY INTENT, allowed by the governments and so called publicly appointed leaders. I wonder why. Same scum cover-up tactics.
As George Bush Snr. said - If they knew what we had done they would string us up in the streets.
Something along those "lines" .. pun intended.

This is all an attempt to block or impede the raising of vibrational level - Consciousness - Awareness - True Potential within this particular
framework of "reality". To try and forestall or block the Awakening of Consciousness or Super Consciousness, making Super Men and Women out of "slaves".
The very "fearful" thing that Kissinger and Brzezinski publicly voiced amongst their dark fiends fears. A position from which they could never recover.

This is all part of slowly boiling the Human frog and limiting or terminating potential (and numbers). THE LESS HUMANS THEY HAVE ALIVE and fully functioning
AT THIS "TIME", THE LESS POTENTIAL ESCAPEES, is something along the lines of their irrational rationalisation of the impossible possibilities.
When slow boiling is not enough when dealing with the problematic ones and areas, rapid pulsing and focused energy - directed energy - whether appplied by networked
satelite driven gps systems or more localized "forces", such as military craft and drones, or agents operating from nearby vehicles/houses/structures
(far more than the simplistic "gang-stalking" term some use.)

As to the targets that were targeted through GLP and other similar sites - - once they were tagged as being problematic or a potential leak in the system,
or potential spanner in the works. Remember the info that was posted all over the net that GLP had its servers located or routed through
a US Airforce base -i.e. @E//g*l*in A%F*B* in Florida and that this was a military operation. A dark phhhisSSing hole
for those that are awakening and seeking others to share their TRUTHS. Along with other similar set-ups / sites that they either set up themselves or bought out from
owners along the lines of hostile take-overs, like the KRAFT company did with the old Cadbury company in UK.
they then have a free hand to change the "ingredients" inside and the hands inside the puppets as they see fit for their agenda.

Remember how they kept moving and changing the severs or diverting them so that you would not be able to see the actual pathway or actual owners/operators and see that
it was all military controlled and a very closely monitored site. Internetz being a CERN military invention in the first place.

Well it is no coincidence then that you will see on the maps that one of the HAARP array power points is located ON/WITIN @E//g*l*in A%F*B*
- Air Force Base and is indeed the first one deployed in 1969 (Florida). Where Gaitors roam free.
This has been part of very specific mind control and assasination programs run by DARPA, NSA, MILITARY/AIRFORCE ....targetting civilians or basically anyone or thing that stands in the way
or objects to, or QUESTIONS the new world order mafia group. Whether a republican or democrat (USA) or conservative, labour or liberal (UK) led Rothschild mafia government is in place ...
the control always follows the money lenders and the wealthiest groups that stand to benefit or stand to lose the most.
The Rothschild Mafia Terrorist Group is of course the largest publicly known group. The ones on Earth with absolutely unlimited and untraceable funding (so they think), with decision making
being orchestrated in your face through Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commision think-tanks within various Phycho-illogical Institutes and their partners, with the ever-presence of
Rockefeller/Kissinger/Brzezinski with a digit or three in every pi. All the memberships and fake appointees so as not to point directly to the few that actually make policy,
as with the Bilderberg group and the Club of Rome, Knights of Malta, Comm of 300 and all the other secret society groups and factions climbing up the scaly pyramid of "power" to the bottom of the pit.

Some say Elizabeth the 2nd of "queen" fame, is the head of the Commitee of 300, and also that The Rothschilds, particularly Jacob in the UK, is their banker ..i.e. works for them, but then again they
are from the same "bloodline" so those lines are intentionally blurred to protect the guilty as always.
As has been stated - they even look the same.
Small world, even smaller circles in which to turn.
There are of course also the other numbered councils and groups too, and many parties that sit at or under the Round Table Organisation um ber ella ella ella ella.

Actual pecking order is not as important as it seems sez polly when viewed from the right angle which is neither left nor right, up nor down, and is not an angle either as such unless viewed from
the wrong anglez, which would then just boX you in to a right angled corner - - a T square or an EL
- - the road to EL (bloody EL & flippin EKK) paved with madness.

....Siiiighz Eye

When Sighz MatterZ
Jak Blak
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06/10/2013 08:17 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
That @E//g*l*in A%F*B* HAARP connection explains to those who often wondered why they had specific
ringing in the ears, headaches or tones and other digital artifacts manifesting whenever they logged on or started posting on GLP or similar .... once
you have been tagged or located - triangulated - become a blip on a gps map or global positioning tracking "super" computer, in much the same way as a
mobile phone is located and then becomes trackable and INTERACTIVE on database .... Once you have held up your hand and said "hey I am somebody and
I am not going to take this sh*t anymore" etc .... then you have become a target, or potential target, which is then (vulner)able to become targetted
through the HAARP system net of sky, via a local booster array near your specific location, or they can use your internet/ phone connection lines or WIFI
coverage in the same way, and similar other devices such as smart meters. Anything that is microwave based or operates within a critical frequency spectrum,
particularly the spectrum which is coincidental with that of the Human system - televisions, tv and computer monitors/screens ..most digital devices.
Most "entertainment" devices. Most of these devices if not all, operate at specific frequencies which can do nothing BUT ...are designed to do NOTHING
BUT .. INTERFERE with the Human mind, and beyond that even - the human Aura - etheric or non-material body. That is why ye internets seems so draining of
ye energy. Why you become so mesmerised and hours pass by without you even noticing. WHy it is SO addictive, and why they were so eager to get an interactive
system in every home. Broadband and WIFI coverage and mobile phone coverage in every corner, with early-age addiction to every portable or hand/pocket held device,
that is comparable to putting a grenade in your hand after pulling the pin, just more stealthy and not so dramatic on a snapshot time scale. A personal trojan device
of mass destruction with a timer device that is ticking down and draining your conscious awareness and life force energy. Once again these industries are mass money
spinners for the Rothschild group and there are very few "companies" at the top which actually control the many public "faces"of the comercial entities. Much like the
Carlyle Group (part of the Bush klan) being a nasty military industrial war manipulating group, yet also controlling a ton of those health food stores and suppliers
which supply vitamins and health supplements commercially like American Health, Good 'n' Natural, Holland & Barret, GNC and a whole lot more. A glp'er posted a list -I don't
have the link at the moment but will post what was posted (and saved). A bit of an eye opener if true as is the small list of major companies like Kellogs and Kraft that
control most of the pie. No wonder it is so easy to stealthily change the recipe and lace products largely aimed at children with stuff that clearly should be illegal
as it is toxic - including all those artificial "sweetening" poisons for people too lazy too exercise their fat asses, or MINDS over their wallets. That makes these companies
an important KEY element of the Criminally Negligent mafia groups.
thanks to the poster with a Dutch flag for below list -:
These supplement brands are owned by the Carlyle Group :
Solgar (www.Solgar.com)
Nature's Bounty (www.NaturesBounty.com)
Vitamin World (www.VitaminWorld.com)
Puritan's Pride (www.Puritan.com)
Holland & Barrett (www.HollandAndBarrett.com)
Rexall (www.Rexall.com)
Sundown (www.SundownNutrition.com)
MET-Rx (www.MetRX.com)
Worldwide Sport Nutrition (www.SportNutrition.com)
American Health (www.AmericanHealthUS.com)
GNC (UK) (www.GNC.co.uk)
De Tuinen (www.DeTuinen.nl)
LeNaturiste (www.LeNaturiste.com)
SISU (www.SISU.com)
Good 'n' Natural (www.goodnnatural.com)
Home Health (www.homehealthus.com)
Julian Graves
Ester-C (www.Ester-C.com)
Natural Wealth (www.naturalwealth.com)

Once again the crocodiles in charge of the hen house, as with Donald Rumsveld and his Aspartame Pharma death companies, Monsanto and the other frankenstein genetic distortion
companies, many not talked about much, like DuPont (another el-eat family name) and the appointments to the FDA of some very nasty snakes with open ties to these companies
working to kill off and control Humanity through the usual additives and poisons and GM shyte in the food chain. what happened to conflict of interest. Then again what happened
to freedom and rights and fairness ..as if ever ...allowable by the jackbooted jackoffs that be - we shall see about that tho....count on it....
It WILL Be Your Undoing.
Lobby this motherf**kkkers >.<

These broadcast towers whether in plain sight or hidden within the trees, as a fake tree or structure other than what it really was, were installed covertly at first in a way that
it was plain to see that they knew very well that if people found out or spoke out about the obvious dangers, or questioned why so many were placed so close to schools and communities,
that they would not be able to continue on such massive scale, but now they have reached saturation point, so they just bullDOZE you and think they are now beyond question or LAW.
Even if every study has determined that these towers are lethal and just because it doesn't fry you in five minutes of lab testing, over hours, days and months in actual operation,
it is nothing short of LETHAL and DNA DESTROYING... which was the INTENT all along. Which is whay they will try and have done, ANYTHING it takes to get the plan to manifest.
But ALL things being so non-god-like are destined to become un-done by their very own self destructing internal mechanisms inherent in weapons and TOOLS of mass destruction.
ALL the studies which proved that the levels of these cell/mobile phone towers and WIFI were "safe" can be traced to the same "gi-ant" money control groups which
are behind the implementation of the tower cell (as in prison)

What does "broadband" mean to you if you think about it. Then super-broadband .... then mega-broadband etc. It speaks of fearfull sad klowns that need to cover all their bases
and asses with their ass-e.t.-s, and then when that appears not enough they need to apply even more POWER (as with CERN super-colluders on collision course),
and more power even tho enough could never ever be enough for parasites with unquenchable bloodthirst and hunger for powah. Even faster than the speed of light will not be enough.
And who is that insane and pathetic that they even needed access to anything faster than most broadband internet connections were supplying already couple of years ago.
Some sites ..*winks*.. makes it go-slo so ya asks for more even tho ya donts needs it and then you willfully allowz it inter yer homez.
It sure wasn't about downloading that porn movie or the latest hollywood 3d blockheadbuster in a nano-second to be played back in hyperfappingspeed.
Maybe there is the one or two zombie-bot jackoffs out there that wish to have his web pages load before he even thought of clicking ponce'd it. In fact did he even think of it at
all or did the internetz lead him down a "path" before he even knew there waz a path. The route(r)/root of aaaall eebill.
Human-2-zombie-skynet-inyer-inter-face-book. Router not required, just a root-a-toot and reboot .. then shoot.
& not too mention that the more better shinier pixels and l.e.d.'s will blindz ya in no timez at all,
let alone what it might be doing to your third eye.

But surely I digress and degrass . . . .

Back to the HAARP amplifiers and booster stations at places like @E//g*l*in A%F*B*,
and probably one near you, if you are being targeted or suspect that things are not quite normal, despite people saying you just need to go see a doctor or its just some symptom of
new age awakening. That awakening - kundalini - vibrational - spaced-out stuff that people like to talk about to make it appear to others that they are somehow more advanced
and (pseudo-)spiritual-sexy than the next ....is mostly a smokescreen to cover up the effects of being targeted by the dark scum that be, and if indeed any positive
effects are being felt, it would make no sense to go and crow about it on a dark military controlled site which is most of the internet, unless you purposely wanted to make yourself a target
or had a specific message to convey.
Even the effects that are often put down to et's or other dimensional forces targetting you, are often just the same old dark brotherhoodwinking military forces at work, but not always, it must
be said, there is some other stuff filed under
"other" and "W.T.F.!!!" and hmmmm.

There is of course rather a lot of help from their allied dark e.t. counterparts who have been very much present in these ops and manipulating this realm as we mostly all know or at least sum or
two do .... for a long time, with their own interests not coinciding with those of Humanity, and they are certainly not interested in negotiating with, or flat out releasing Souls from this
hellish realm they have possessed in their madness. They or rather their lackeys have made that very clear.

Thankfully they are not the only ones who are here.

*There Is Good Out There*.

The effects of the Good that is "out there" and "within"
Is palpable.

Verily ... and merrily

up and downstream

Life IS but a dream

within a dream

seen through a mirror darkly

& not the nightmare they wish to impose - project - by trickery and magick .. the mere sight,
the mare of fright, the filly of dark folly
versus the white horse
of H-Uffington
and other such places
of interest
removing the little g from "glove"
makes more sense
when viewed from

++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++ ++++++++
And so,
What do you think would happen to your government and military systems if people were exposed on a very
large scale to the information that you ..as in UK/USA&allies and your Israeli thugs are targetting with
intent to harm or kill Sovereign Citizens, Sovereign Entities and innocent Humans, who are not military
combatants or involved or affiliated in any way with any organisations, secret groups or any so called
terrorist groups or "watch" groups (even tho we know exactly who the REAL terrorists are don't we)
...and if war was declared "officially" on certain targets, then give us the names and particulars of
those "officials" and facilitators of said declaration, and see if our script matches your skryped.

Despite the justification you feed your hive drones, or is it more a need to know basis / compartmentalized,
so they are unaware of the targets being civilian. That is extremely doubtful unless you are using foreign
forces or robot zombies or just plain stoopid. What you "do" is illegal from any perspective from which it is
viewed. These are WAR Crimes. You know what happens to war criminals ... and that is only here and at the basest
of base human legal systems .. Geneva convention etc minor league levels of window dressing.
I am more interested at levels far beyond that, and playing for keeps, but these levels are needed for
Humans to see what scum has formed on their Waters of Life.

NONE of your theatrical or covert subversive post 9/11 alterations of laws entitling you to do as you wilt
with anyone you choose wherever you choose ... hold any Water with the REAL Powers That Be.
Those laws entitling you to label whatever or whomever you see fit as "terrorist" or "enemy combatant"
or whatever other couched, cloaked, meandering, misleading "legal" bogus terminology you may have invented
while you masturbated yourself into a frenzy at Guantanamo, all karefooly scripted to take away any and all
forms of power or response from Sovereign Humans ....
NULL ....VOID...
Do You Understand jackasses in jackboots and dark roots.

you are truly Powerless Nothings in the grand scheme of things. You made sure of that.

Your governments and Military Industrial Groups and Banking systems etcetera .. will Fall
because of this/these action/s
and that will just be the beginning of your troubles.


oh yes jackasses it will soitenlee set you bak a tak

as if you were a ducks feather on a branch
on an old blackened and withered tree
with branches so old and dead
they could easily crack and break free
under the merest movement
or breeze
from an ant or spider
and yet there you sit
balanced so precariously astride her
out on a limb
a mere feather that was ruffled
once rumbled
facing so defi-ant-ly
the Hurri-Cane which approaches
at first somewhat muffled
see the scattering below
of the roaches
and remember the frog
as it not so gently poaches
see the fire and the fog
'pon waters the smoke IS
You got your
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14874606
United States
06/10/2013 08:32 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Ah, finally we received the Final Notice. That's a lot of eye bleeding. Thanks for ending it.

Muchos gracias for your concern.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1805432
06/10/2013 08:36 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
is it now, soon then? :p
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14874606
United States
06/10/2013 08:56 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
is it now, soon then? :p
 Quoting: Michael_

Please, God, for all that is sacred, say yes.

Or...nevermind. How about just telling us how long soon takes. Yeah, that would help a lot. Thank you Jesus, God, whatever. That would be cool.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 8071892
United States
06/10/2013 09:09 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
So basically Mr. Jak Blak, you are saying that the world is controlled by an evil empire through an elaborate network that has existed for almost a hundred years.All conspiracy theories are based on that. Whether the web was like it is now or it was a hundred years ago. We have always been in someones net.

I have been saying for a while that technology was the beast, especially this wireless world we live in now. We are all falsely connected and kept prisoner by this evil web.

We are truly in revelations. There are no secrets. All is being revealed. Hidden truths being told. Lies are being told as well.

I do not believe it is too late.

We know who wins in the end according to every ones favorite fairy tale.

It ain't over until the fat lady sings.

But yeah.....spend more time in the real world and less time in this digital one. Things could get kind of rough for a bit.

I do not want to be left writing the books on how it should have been. Make it the way it should be so we don't have to.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 41501470
United States
06/10/2013 09:58 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
when this thread reaches 2013 pages, it will all be over
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25401697

When the number of pages of this thread reaches the year The Nobody was born, he will be introduced to the world.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23382441

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41045893

Four more pages to go shill tard land?

Four and we get More

4='s more

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41045893

Looks like we got fleeced

We are at one nobody's birthdate...1964....and no identification....darn the luck.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 8071892
United States
06/10/2013 10:03 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
ptttt wrong thread.
Ride the wings of the mind

User ID: 3018467
United States
06/10/2013 10:18 PM

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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
ptttt wrong thread.
 Quoting: NolaRising

Did you find the right one?

Difficulties strengthen the Mind as labor does the body...
Ride the wings of the mind

User ID: 3018467
United States
06/10/2013 10:18 PM

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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.

Double post.


Last Edited by Seer777 on 06/10/2013 10:19 PM
Difficulties strengthen the Mind as labor does the body...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25389788
United States
06/10/2013 11:52 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 41501470
United States
06/11/2013 12:44 AM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
ptttt wrong thread.
 Quoting: NolaRising

Did you find the right one?

 Quoting: Seer777

Nope....scratch one Dakota Nobody off the list...that's the good news....now dakotanobody will have to face the reality of his situation.

Next nobody up to bat is Fatima guy nobody (he's got a movie that parallels his life...and...ahem...I've lost track of the other messiah's.

Can the other nobody's give their birth year so we can be relieved from the nobody identification conspiracy?

Please...help us kill the meme once and for all.

A promise is a promise.

I'm gonna consult Levenda's Necrominicon book and cast a "enforce the oral contract promise" spell on the welshed and flippant film flam poster who promised to disclose.

I suppose the other scripted psy OP scam (The Star of David alignment) isn't gonna result in anointing of our nobody either?????

Life is better in fantasyland.

Don't you wish you could be a putz some day?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 41501470
United States
06/11/2013 12:46 AM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.

When the number of pages of this thread reaches the year The Nobody was born, he will be introduced to the world.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23382441

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41045893

Four more pages to go shill tard land?

Four and we get More

4='s more

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41045893

Looks like we got fleeced

We are at one nobody's birthdate...1964....and no identification....darn the luck.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 41501470

Which number trips the identification-disclosure of our nobody......birth year...or 2013?

Guess it don't matter...since the nobodies have been neutralized.
User ID: 14828328
United States
06/11/2013 12:50 AM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Ah, finally we received the Final Notice. That's a lot of eye bleeding. Thanks for ending it.

Muchos gracias for your concern.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

not so fast...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 865798
United States
06/11/2013 09:11 AM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Ah, finally we received the Final Notice. That's a lot of eye bleeding. Thanks for ending it.

Muchos gracias for your concern.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

not so fast...
 Quoting: Astræa 14828328

I was being sarcastic. Look at the post right before mine.


as if you were a ducks feather on a branch
on an old blackened and withered tree
with branches so old and dead
they could easily crack and break free
under the merest movement
or breeze
from an ant or spider
and yet there you sit
balanced so precariously astride her
out on a limb
a mere feather that was ruffled
once rumbled
facing so defi-ant-ly
the Hurri-Cane which approaches
at first somewhat muffled
see the scattering below
of the roaches
and remember the frog
as it not so gently poaches
see the fire and the fog
'pon waters the smoke IS
You got your
 Quoting: Jak Blak 1390620
FHL(C) nli
User ID: 1103376
06/12/2013 12:06 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Light of God expose it all
Thank You Lord, that when the international banksters and the like, pull the pin of economies, that they will be affected completely in all ways, especially by financial and influence, power, wealth loss themselves, unto repentance and salvation, amen YAHshua/Jesus
not dis clothed
User ID: 29534861
06/13/2013 01:29 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
was bounding by, as a roo woodoo

saw a penned miss al and was

thin king o'shears and clicks and go's

butter eers were astounded at the p rose...

wondered did eye as we (roun did bye

watt al the fuss was a boat and much a gnu a boot northing.

User ID: 14828328
United States
06/13/2013 07:40 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Ah, finally we received the Final Notice. That's a lot of eye bleeding. Thanks for ending it.

Muchos gracias for your concern.
 Quoting: Septenary Man

not so fast...
 Quoting: Astræa 14828328

I was being sarcastic. Look at the post right before mine.


as if you were a ducks feather on a branch
on an old blackened and withered tree
with branches so old and dead
they could easily crack and break free
under the merest movement
or breeze
from an ant or spider
and yet there you sit
balanced so precariously astride her
out on a limb
a mere feather that was ruffled
once rumbled
facing so defi-ant-ly
the Hurri-Cane which approaches
at first somewhat muffled
see the scattering below
of the roaches
and remember the frog
as it not so gently poaches
see the fire and the fog
'pon waters the smoke IS
You got your
 Quoting: Jak Blak 1390620

 Quoting: Septenary Man

me too...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14874606
United States
06/13/2013 07:54 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 36555947
United States
06/13/2013 08:13 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.

 Quoting: Septenary Man

The fatima guy is a psyop misdirect. Countless people have a life story similar to his and some of his explanations of how the movie is about him are just sad. Come on people. My guess is the nobody is the most slandered and disliked thing on the planet right now. (Watch commercials for proof.) A white guy in his 30's who is bright and in no way emasculated, athletic and likely lives a traditional lifestyle without the religious dogma.

In other words everything the media is trying to pretend doesnt exist unless there is something very wrong with them like drug or alcohol addiction or something else sinister like being an evil bigot.

The enemy of the system is who you are looking for and they have made it obvious who and what it is that they hate.

So the birth date will likely be 70's or 80's.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 36555947
United States
06/13/2013 08:14 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
No idea why i quoted you S.M. my bad.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14874606
United States
06/13/2013 08:30 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
No idea why i quoted you S.M. my bad.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36555947

I was wondering, lol.

No worries.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 37930306
United States
06/13/2013 11:45 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Anybody think nobody, as described and name given per recent anonymous poster and matching findthefool.com descr as "fool," is showing up on this board?

Interesting question... If he happened to find this post do you think he would bother saying hi to us?

 Quoting: Loki's Magus



Loki's Magus,

Your genuine request for my presence impressed me. It quickened me in my quest toward letting the Tomcat out of the bag.

"So shines a good deed in a weary world" -Willy Shakspeare / Willy Wonka

And, Good Job, noticing that the "anonymous poster" personalized his frustration rant specifically to the "fool".

How poetically just that the dark legion that worked so hard to keep The Nobody hid, now confirms my identity!

Last week I saw that this Alpha Thread of all The Nobody threads had aligned, in page number -1961- with my Alpha year.

I saw today that people got the clue - the page number links to a birth year- so I thought you would enjoy this related reply

that I made on one of the Star of David threads, when I saw that a poster there was dropping esoteric hints about the birth year.

This will have to hold you and the Tomcat, until I have assembled the Overture of the what will thankfully be The Nobody Omega Thread.

Who would the Mind of the meme send to mark the prophetic birth year? The penultimate Nobody Mascot of all time: Alfred E. Newman!

He's the Newman before the Truman - the idiot chump, who trumps Forest Gump.

The grinnin' goof - world's most famous mystery man- who no one knows a thing about.

To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe... "What Me Worry?"

Re: I share with you a great secret about the Star of David/Seal of Solomon!

William Henry found the Star of David/ Seal of Solomon encoded in the Capital Dome's Apotheosis of George Washington.

Star points are marked by three male gods and three female gods. The Star of David is encircled with 72 five pointed stars.

:GW Star of David:

Perhaps OP can elaborate on how this relates to the King David and Solomon?

George is "coming on clouds" sitting in the sun over the rainbow, like Christ.

Seems to imply that Washington is this same being, Sol-o-mon, "Sun-of-Man"


William Henry also found Metatron's Cube encoded in the painting.

Washington is the only figure contained within the center hypercube.

.:apotheosis Metat:

Gods in the painting represent male planets: Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, and female asteroids, Pallas Athena, and Ceres.

Middle goddess is Freedom, also called Liberty, and America. A modern goddess, she may represent New Earth, Gaia?

America's birth being in July, I wonder if July's Star of David in the sky lines up with the Seal of Solomon in the painting?

 Quoting: This Man The Fool Nobody Found

The Christ King lives.

I am a FM albeit a non-associated one. From my divining the true powers that truly are have chosen their new Zeus/Odin/Osiris He is the youngest of the old and oldest of the young born in the median of time. Of the right age being at least 2 score in years. I don't think the earthly counter parts are ready to accept that their search is over.
This is a 33 master year 2013 is. What many don't know it's not just about finding the new God-King but also the new Goddess-Queen as portending in this painting.

The perfect circle representing the divine feminine in the Cosmic Order of the Ages.

Imagine the circle as 3 dimensional Flowers of Life. Metatron's Cube is a Map!
 Quoting: Alt-146 24896199

:Mad upside down: :Geshia:

Nobod E. Newman deciphered the mystery to his birth at this "median of time" - 1961.

Where big meets small, he dove down the rabbit hole and found his full deck without going MAD as The Hatter.

The King of Fools then went Out On a Limb only to find himself being The Branch that supports his Twin Geisha!

 Quoting: This Man The Fool Nobody Found

Thread: I share with you a great secret about the Star of David/Seal of Solomon! (Page 3)
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 38848264
United States
06/13/2013 11:53 PM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Fhlc nli
User ID: 41678726
06/14/2013 02:37 AM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
The 2 party paradigm is failing in oz, so tptb is demolishing labor at the media polluters play, so they can usher in party B , hoping the electorate will forget after the election and go back to labor in another electoral cycle, I pray both parties are demolished, that their vileness is so exposed, that the balance of power in lower and upper houses is held by independents and family/social justice equity parties till The Lord comes back, that the judiciary, army and police forces are expunged of mammon items and masons, and that the same happens across the Tasman in NZ, in YAHshua/Jesus name
User ID: 41682038
United States
06/14/2013 03:36 AM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
i need more time

just a little more time

User ID: 16922769
06/14/2013 03:38 AM
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Re: The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
i need more time

just a little more time
 Quoting: ctrl 41682038

No such thing. Though at least not in a universal sense.