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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Sandi_T
Post Content
Yeah, it worked well for a while. The bible is part of their programming. If you refuse to see that, then you are part of the problem, and you perpetuate their system.

As far as cursing "the lord god," how exactly does someone curse the nonexistent? Do you curse unicorns? Do you curse nimklenukles?

I curse the lies of the bible. We all should.

No, it's still working on you, you calling the light darkness and the darkness light. You have everything backwards, just right where they want you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 815581

Yes, I'm the one worshiping a slaver who kills infants...

No. That would be YOU.

Think for yourself for a change. Stop believing that God commits or commands atrocities.

Your god is no different from their god. Your god can only be happy with blood and death... theirs is the same.

Of the two of us, YOU are the one calling darkness light. YOU not only call darkness light, YOU WORSHIP EVIL!

You cannot see clearly. You cannot read the book you worship honestly. To do so would be to admit that you have been fooled, and that you are wrong.

I already know, from having left your sickening, evil religion, how extremely difficult it is. So I do not fault you, though I would like to.

You must, of necessity, live your life in FEAR. Frightened that should you leave your god-monster, you may be tortured forever.

Someday, hopefully soon, you will begin to understand the inherent evil in such an idea.

In the meantime, I reiterate. The programming of the evil ones, BOTH SIDES OF IT, can most certainly be resisted. You CAN leave Christianity and be set free to know and love the Truly Loving God.

Neither of their attempted methods of control worked on me.

This is important for people to hear.

I am not extraordinary. There is no "special something" required to resist these evil controls.


Nothing special is required. Just courage and a willingness to accept the possibility that you've been lied to. And a willingness to listen to the innate knowledge you have that ABUSE AND VIOLENCE ARE NOT LOVE.

Not when the bible's god-monster does it, not when people do it, not when satan does it.

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