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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Benjamin
Post Content
Oh! Oh ! I know who it is!


Yeah, see Sinbad put out the eye of the cyclops in one of the movies, therby symbalizing hiz rejection of the mystical concept of unified polarities, or the end of duality, so he's like one of them characters in the Matrix that can somewhat Transcend the Matrix, sort of like Neo who was an archetype of Jesus of Nazereth DUDE.

Because WORDS HAVE POWER when they are uttered sometimes.

what a truly FABULOUSLY INTERESTING STORY there partner.

But it's good the doom has been low lately, what with all the reality of the Gulf of Mexico being completey dead and rotting and over a billion people about to be dead in like, 9 months or 5 perhaps, depending on numbers n stuff.

Ever had a good guacamole? I make a mean gaucamole.
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