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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OK OP, I'll play along.

You mentioned 2005, the year Natalee Holloway disappeared from Aruba. Then you said "Just because a flower grows next to a weed does not mean the flower is less of a flower. it just has a lousy neighbor.i am sorry for your loss and who knows. If God is getting ready for the harvest, He might call to you before the end too"
Is the "flower" Stephany Flores, and the "weed (pot)" Joran van der Sloot? Is the "lousy neighbor" the FBI agent staying in the TAC hotel room next door? When you said "i am sorry for your loss" were you referring to the Fleurs family losing their daughter?

You posted about a sudden attack, and Joran's father died of one earlier this year.

You said "he's a nobody", and JvdSloot is a nobody, well a famous nobody at that. The recent video of him leaving the TAC hotel in Peru and "pretend knocking" at the door looked like some sort of mind controlled masonic ritual. When he got arrested he said he couldn't remember anything.

Well, it probably ain't JvdSloot, but I thought I'd play along. OP -- give us his first and last initials!
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