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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Topic brought up on another thread replied to/ transferred as matter of record ->

Speaking freely?

It is not about " gay " or not " gay " that he's concerned about.

it is about you being able to hold the entire polarity you were sent to manifest on your own without identity codependence.

It is about you being and becoming an independent fuller creational vibrational expression identity that also does not ever require, involve, or include same-polarity co-dependence for expression or the expression of wholeness.

The Heaven World is the Real World. As has often been said this is not the real world. This is only the schoolroom to prepare us for a Heaven World where your works are permanent and your independent thoughts, feelings and creative expression can be amplified a million or a billion times ( w/ out being "babysat" or policed by other present would-be super-beings ) with no deliberate harm to others or oneself, but only in full freedom to creatively, artfully bless and heal and your works made permanent.

Polarity co-dependence, offshoots, and identity expressions are therefore not as usable as some have been led to believe for comprising their Real Identity. As a Spirit we came from God the Great Spirit and the Heaven World and there is no such thing as someone co-dependently entering the Throne Room with their same polarity little friend ( Must be able to hold { and also defend } the entire polarity of Real Identity Wholeness independently on your own on your own internally --  from the aspects of the Great Spirit w/ out co-dependence ).

In the heaven World you are truly free and able to create, co-create, and express as a would be self contained super being --

Heaven may be able to to possibly filter out certain memories and parts of memories, however some percentage of identity is also then filtered out.
Anything less than a total of 81 is not a usable whole independent identity, ( to be accorded such power and freedom to affect the rest of creation )  How could it be otherwise? -- as it is not possible to create an identity for you without your participation. There is a pure-son whole identity template living person that was created to make up the difference when invited and welcomed known in scripture as the pure-Son-Person-Son-of-God ( which btw is different in role than the scriptural Son-of-Man ).

Perfected beings in the Heaven World are interested in True Freedom not only for you but also for themselves and not interested in trying to always tell people what to do or not do against their will but only amplifying in True Love a person's wholeness to the mutual benefit of all creation.

I am already real. Already by Grace made permanent 2 x to date... Why is it do hard for some to accept the idea that I also want that for you in your identity so you can make the Crossing-> Completely? : )

You know who is writing you direct here, posted occasionally when signaled, do not hate or not hate gays, but incompleteness won't allow you to be whole and real -- and since hell and the lower is not made space for anymore in the Heaven Worlds and Heavenly Octaves, you're getting the real deal answers to your questions so you can leave off of such codependence if you get my drift... Otherwise you simply ain't gettin in or even past the dimensional barriers through the refiner's fire with enough of the stuff of real usable polarity self sufficiency to be accorded permanence.

Speaking freely message complete : )
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