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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle holeshot
Post Content
I can't believe I built this whole pages-as-years idea, and all you shitbirds do is ignore this fine work.

I took a thread which had nothing, and filled it with peanuts of truth. And all you can do here, in the key years-as-pages, 1910 and forward, is remain the same FUCKING IDIOTS YOU'VE BEEN.

I am not talking about the one dude who contributed to the year-as-pages concept, which I began sometime after the Chevrolet engine sizes, meaning I think I began the years as pages thing around page 502, but I've not gomne back and looked. In the future, this thread will be analyzed further, but you know, the main question is this: WILL WE STILL HAVE FINE CHEVROLET PRODUCTS IN AMERICA OR IS IT THE GOAL TO UTTERLY DESTORY THE BRAND ENTIRELY?? I mean seriously, the Impala? What the fuck did you asshead engineers do to that car?? Take a look at "DONK" magazine and see the fine fine final years of the Impala, and HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME you fucking obtuse GM douchebags who think you are smart! You are all just making me and people like me, angrier with each passing moment. You now want people to pay 30k for the Volt, when you've already destroyed this country economaicallY? Please do fuck yourselves and then die, you stupid asshead fine-automobile-killing shits. Same to you Ford and Mopar, fucking assholes killed the best thing america made: Cars.

AHHHHH, well anyway, we still have the highways. We still could have fine machines on them. But now the EPA crap brigades will further tighten their global strangulation hold on the US peeps, crushing them into fine paste driving shitty turdcards like that fucking stupid ass SmartCar --AAAAHGGG, don't you hate that little suitvase of a car??

The best article I read in the past few years, in any publication of any kind, including the wall st fellatio-journal, was an issue of Car Craft several years ago, where they took a Chevelle and stuffed a 500 inch Cadillac moltor in it. For like 1500 dollars they build a 10 second quarter miler out of an econoshitbox like the Chevelle. I know in my heart, that the King of Iron himself, was also very pleased with this particular issue of Car Craft. There is something to be said, for taking shit and transmuting it into pure gold. Alchemists take one fucking step back please and tell me this: Which is worth more, Iron, Gold, or steel forged into a V8 crankshaft??

Well here we are in 1917. Anuybody in the room want to raise their hands and point silently to the crazy ass money-fucking shit that went on in this year? Does anyone want to raise their hand and explain how money itself is ruined? Would anyone like to clear their throat and be acknowledged so they can explain the truly sheckleobsessed crime called banking and moneylending and coin-as-weapon-debauching of nations?? Please do step forward, for wer are all so eager to hear some shit that nobody will listen to. No seriously, nobody is listening, so go ahead and explain to us how this world's money was destroyed in the years before and after 1917.

Oh come King of Iron! Come quickly and humble these shecklemongers! Break their vessels of bankery and rape, and 10% reserve fractional friendly-bank-cartelishness and other fucking crimes. Please oh King of Iron, knock their stupid heads around until they are forced to lend at zero interest, and to forgiver the debts of the old and injured aND DISABLED AS DID THE PHARAOHS THEY HATE, AND WHO THEY THINK THEY HAVE ERASED!

Oh King of Iron, I know you see the obelisk of Thutmosis IV in from of the Vatican nation state. I know that you have seen the grease with which Pius 12 and his Jesuit confessor skated through WW2 to create the shecklemonger Nation out of the bones of German dead. COME QUICKLY OH KING OF IRON, ONLY YOU CAN RESTORE TRUE MONEY AND SAVE US! TIME IS SHORT!

Well we have maybe 100 pages left I mean, before we get to the real. When it's 2017, I will atempt to post here. But who knows where "here" will be, when we are there.
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