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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle KingBringer Heavy Industries
Post Content

an issue of Car Craft several years ago, where they took a Chevelle and stuffed a 500 inch Cadillac moltor in it. For like 1500 dollars they build a 10 second quarter miler out of an econoshitbox like the Chevelle.

 Quoting: holeshot 21658870

Damn, I was thinking Chevette but hitting the 'l' key... The CheveLLe was a godlike car, the Chevette needed some oomfh. Like this one:

But still that Chevette has been bathed in money. The project I was talking about is this one:

[link to forums.carcraft.com]

"Bad Seed" that was the name of that little car. How many Caddy motors will exist in 3012? I bet you they will be more valuable than gold. Hey, a 454 chevy big block for 1000 USD is a screaming deal, so please, leave all the rest of them for ME.

Hahaha, horsepower will never die you limpwristed econodorks, we will be hot rodding Smartcars with 600ci big blocks and ripping burnouts on your street for 1000 years, in the new AwesomeWorld(tm) which will be unfolded upon the black markets and motorsorts and ball bearing plants of the world, when the King of Iron is revealed.

He will coldly roll all steel, and quench it in the vinegar tears of his foes. As we all know, the best metal for gearboxes and artillery shells alike, comes from digging machines made of the very same steel.

Ahhhso, I herd Harley Davidson and also Caterpillor did move their factories outside the USA?? You still respect those brands? Hey where are the Osh Kosh vehicles made? Are they cranking them out in Shanghai yet FFS?? I guess we only try to sell out old junk like Hummer to them? Why not give the hummers to the American people ya dumbshits? Why not let each neighborhood have their own Cat dozer and all certificates of legal operation of said dozer? Why not give heavy equipment to the Americans, if you cannot at least give them the factories?!

When the King of Iron shows up, anyone in the armed forces wearing Harley Davidson or Cat paraphenelia will be asked to light it on fire. Damn is there even ONE AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE MAKER??

Who makes heavy equipment in the US anymore? I am sure with all my heart that the King of Iron knows, and he knows who has been using all metals, and who has been using them badly. Who is using Iron, to enrich themselves and not the people? Such one will suffer when the King shows up, as he must.

Come quickly oh King of Iron! For our cars are looking shitty and are being priced out of range for the common worker to feel g-forces of sheer horsepower! Come, give us low cost drag racing and lower torque prices at the pounds per ounce level!

Come quickly oh King, as our weapons are set upon by loathesome administrative gangs and their roadside enforcers!

Free us to drive fast and have real money and shoot farther than the enemies of life itself!

Oh King, please allow us to grasp a sword and know that you yourself folded the steel of it, not unlike a mother folds a loving peanut butter sandwich. We will wield it with the hunger of a thousand properly broken-in cylinders on your behalf!
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