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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle round and round we go
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Are the Governing Jesuits actually Jewish by blood?
 Quoting: spot on the dot 23436113

Rothschild, Nathan was the father of Victoria via her mother Victoria, and then he knocked up little Victoria as well. I forget which nation Nathan was sent to conquer but he surely did well, knocking up a princess and then his own daughter with that princess. ...Allegedy.

Ah but who wants to discuss the Jesuits around 1917? Thats so boring and obvious, what they did, coining black market entirely from all liquor in the USA, let's just leave that alone for now.

Let us consider the following overlapping concepts, which relate to the technological hypserspace-jump, that humans will now take in the years 1917 unto say 1997 or so.

1997 or thereabouts would be when HTML and IP networking truly transmute into Internet, aka, the foundation of "The Great Introspection of the New World".

That's 80 years, it is the lifespan of a human.

So each page from this point forward COULD be used to discuss how each year, evolved that 80-year span, from 1917 to 1997.

Sit back, and contemplate what horsepower and direct current motors have in common. Let us discuss the notion of rotational torque on a motor-shaft (the center of any DC motor) and the rotational torque on the driveshaft of a top fuel dragster. Also, as you picture this, contemplate just what 3000 rpms looks like. NOTE: It is easier to picture RPMs visually, if you imagine the disc to be miles-tall in height, because then a rotation will appear epically huge to your mind's eye, and this will cause a learning trance state in your head for the concepts I mention above. Picture a mile-high disc, rotating at one rotation per second. In one second, a certain mark on the disc, will perform a full rotation. Now imagine the beat in the air, of this rotational speed. Now let that pass through you, and soon, you will feel the beat of your heart, and you will not know which beat you are hearing, is it the beat of the RPM you are visualizing, or is it the beat of your heart? Now, go get behind the wheel of a hot rod or some American V8, and allow it to rumble at idle until you can feel that your heartbeat is proportionally in cadence with the RPM of the flywheel at the rear of the motor, a giant rotating cog. Then first check that no humans are around who might be run over, and finally, whomp your foot down on the gas pedal and wind up that engine as high as you please, breaking the tires free and letting them throw gouts of smoke into the air.

But the rotation of a DC motor is roughly analgous to the same thing, except strangely, magentic confusion seems to ecite electrons, which is odd, but its true! By rotationg magnetic fields past each other (messing with magnets and forcing them together), you can actually move elecrtic force, just like water pressure, its called AMPERAGE. To AMP UP is to increase the volts/resistance so if you rotate that driveshaft of that DC motor fast enough (say on your RC car which has a DC motor) then you can up the amps, which results in torque on the driveshaft which eventually drives the wheels of your RC car. Yes, I am saying that electric car are no big deal, and the King of Iron will make every part of the AwesomeWorld(tm), fully awesome. Oh come King of Iron so that we may have both electric and fueled torque ALIKE and to enjoy both with out the restricitons of the endless administrators and their enforcement jockeys who have usurped citizen police!

If you can see the above, and if you have a desire for the great vehciles of the 1960 American free highways, to return in all their glory, and not to just become million-dollar collector cars which are sealed away in vaults and never seen, then you will lay down palm brancjes for the King of Iron, when he is near to the city. If you like RC hobbies and top fuel dragsters and real money in metal form that cannot be debauched by any asshead cointraders, then you will answer the door when the King of Iron knocks, and he will come in and eat with you and your family.

If you wish you could jump behind the controls of a Cat930 front end loader, or a giant dozer like the one that Israel gets donated to them, then you will welcome the King of Iron with palm branches and cheers, when he is near to your city. For he will make sure that there is one dozer freely available for play or actual use, for every five families (or whatever is a suitable ratio) and those families will have much iron, and much power, due to their integrity, and volitional adhesion to truthfulness as a way of life.

So its all about cycles, and rotations. ...Technology I mean, its all about rotational cycles. Just remember that any up and down cycle can be easily moderated if the hand of God and Goddess are both on the dial of the waveform. That is to say, the amplitude of any cycle, can be gathered toward the middle in a fraction of a moment, if the divine goodness will it. And now is the time, and yes, even one little domain like godlike here, can be the dial.

Ahhh, so much happens in the next 100 pages, its hard to know. Time travellers, come hither, now is the time for you to safely describe the future to us. By "future" I mean the years 1918 to November of 1963.
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