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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
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[link to photos-d.ak.fbcdn.net]

[link to news.softpedia.com]

Quantum World Reveals 'Golden Ratio' Symmetry

In the Quantum World, even the act of observing changes the Light Wave to a Particle:

[link to www.newscientist.com]

Triple-slit experiment confirms reality is quantum - physics-math - 22 July 2010 - New Scientistwww.newscientist.com

An upgraded version of the classic double-slit experiment has been performed – it's only taken a century to do it

Going full bandwidth with the selfless openly boundless beauty & wonder capable of the absorbent mind of the child within ever secretly kept alive within the Heart allows the full harmonic of the divine to manifest as it were magic...

"Unless ye ( can yet open the inner core of Self/Heart unto the Creator & ) become as a little child-- ye shall in no wise enter in..."

Q: How could it be otherwise..?

The little 5 year old self of you is what is always received into the Heaven Worlds & Heavenly Octaves...

It is the sure way back Home...

We and all Nature are naturally and unmistakably physically programmed for "Symmetrical Beauty"

Natural selection manifests itself as extension of the Golden Ratio harmonic into form and as form follows function the Natural selective process provides greater multiplication of the harmonic of proportional beauty in the attraction/ procreatively driven process as uncovered in recent studies:

[link to blogs.helsinki.fi]

There is nothing sinful or wrong with the appearance of Divine Proportion appearing in Nature, our spirit- consciousness, or our bodies.

Divine Consciousness -> Your Birthright and Identity Permanent

There is nothing wrong with the appearance and expression of Truth mathematically, geometrically, philosophically, or in practice spiritually in man and woman.

There is nothing that can control or keep control of the Truth Externalized when time for its appearing has come unless by free will we allow it?

Truth as Beauty and Symmetry are the unconscious aspects and loose measure of that which is within ever seeking to come out into the Natural World from the storehouse of the Great Spirit. Same is direct result of karma, and usability of said body, genetic capabilities of both mind and body vehicle to fulfil earlier karmic destinies and karmic messes made earlier when in that kind of body or need to embody in with a given set of souls or all the above and do not necessarily alone denote spiritual attained levels of either spiritual perfection or spiritually achieved level of evolvement.

Those who have controverted natural laws and cut themselves off from Source ever then seek to band together under a stolen banner pretending to be truth in order to attempt to then steal that light, life force and life source from those who evidence same without by freewill choosing to do what it takes to allow the measure to appear in the own minds, hearts, and lives unhampered, and unhindered by selfish free will rather than selflessly allowing the best of the divine to appear in fullest measure with themselves being aspects of the unique handiwork of the Divine in body, mind, and soul.

A ruler = A measurer

A crooked ruler in government, science, religion, the arts, or society, cannot provide rule for measure all can agree upon as standard that can be measured against for all people to together wholistically build a society that can last and mutually prosper even as Nature prospers..?

A straight true ruler is required for establishing the standard template and measure of what all can agree upon is the measure that is not crooked otherwise the structure that is built cannot stand long term, for the natural world ever seeks to evolve and will ever erode make and remake creation, tear down and rebuild, as the divine symmetry reveals itself in nature. The reason all master engineers and architects can agree the World over upon, as the reason why it is that the great pyramid has stood and continues to stand is this principle manifest..?

We must choose rightly, and demand higher standards of those we give our light, life, funds, authority, and power to..?

Government and Religion goes corrupt and falls short if we fail to demand the higher standard. The Divine feminine in man and woman is the most able to perceive, envision, and hold the vision of same. What this pure nature allows as ever new standard set, evidenced, and ever appearing is what the Divine masculine is geared to tai-chi with in the evolving of mankind.

Loving change is the only thing permanent.

Divine Sourced Loving Selfless change is therefore both the Way, and the Measure both we and all of Nature is Divinely templated from..?

There are those who ever seek to band together under stolen established banners of power and control whether in manmade science religon or commerce to try to subjugate, put down, and/or control the truth of beauty, and the beauty of truth as measure of the loving creativity of Life expressed when in reality all Life continually lives to reveal, evidence, and ever express evolves to greater diverse snowflakelike unique multiplicities of the manifestations of same.

The power and beauty of the divine and the Heaven Worlds is the root source and root measure ever revealing itself. All manmade science, commerce, and religion is subject unto common freewill choice of whether to collectively raise the standard and together evolve by free will into the enlightened state we are capable of to which the Fallen Angels were jealous of, refused to serve, lusted after to subjugate and control, and to which the Men and Women of the World must assert standards higher above the old corrupt ways of trickery, deception, deceit, degradation, and lessor evolvement, devoid of the wholistic nature of mutual rising evolving of our Lifewave into what has been long promised to the gems, the lively stones with the loving selfless foresight and innate wisdom expressed as desire to finally-- finally go higher now that the corruption cycle of the trickery, and deceipt of the fallen ones and their cycle has now come to meet its cyclical ends in the grand scheme of things and the cycles of History long foretold:

Do we pick apart the petals of a rose to find out what makes it beautiful?

Do we seek to control such symmetry of beauty, or become blindly subject unto it?

Or do we together rise as an artful community of souls, one organism with all our uniquely endowed gifts and graces and decide all that which is below is essentially a quantum illusion subject to entropy and decay and a mere trial run schoolroom for the real permanence of eternal Divine Beauty that is both Immortal, Permanent, and our promised Birthright the knowledge of which is unmistakably before us?

We have the help and the gift and grace of faith as substance of things hoped for which we have both silently and openly asked for, to awaken our brothers and sisters and together deliberately go out of our way to positively put our differences aside, join in a beautiful harmony of more enlightened unity, and build a life and continued evolving existence worth living for, from this point on while we are now today at the crossroads of free will choice individually and as a Lifewave to leap into the refiner's fire retaining free will identity, or for some have not enough loyally externalized virtue of same to retain Identity for graduation into whatever next level of long promised soul freedom openly before us.

A Sense Of Community
What is community? How do we define it? Do we actually know what it is? Ever thought about why we as humans think it is important?

[link to chrisboardman.wordpress.com]

3Enoch The Real Community:

[link to www.scribd.com]

Through the secrets to retaining perfect health on autopilot offered further on this page as originally designed and vouchsafed to each one in their youth through the Iodine along with the miracle toxin antidote substance of the Grapefruitseed Extract you can actively by exercised free will choice to reclaim your original genetics of your youth, and through standard cell replacement rebuild a new body. New skin is achieved in 3 years. A new body in 7-10. Do not judge yourself or others -- for the Creator of the Divine isn't finished with you/us yet..?

[link to www.nytimes.com]

[link to www.futurepundit.com]

The Golden Mean is always yet in process of progressively appearing and is yet only but a small, finite minscule example of what the universe is capable of producing as beauty in the finite Natural World appearing...

Where is the Natural yet ever evolving purely Physical World of mathematically symmetrical Golden Ratio formulated genetic proportion apparently seeking to loosely fashion all our variations of snowflake-unique proportions toward through the procreative selective process?

What are we programmed by nature as purely physical symmetry to find attractive..?

[link to thevelvetrocket.com]

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

[link to theunitedpersons.org]

A Consciously Evolving Step Further --

Balance & Symmetry of Body, Mind, Spirit?

Who was Hypatia? In the estimation of some, Hypatia was history’s greatest woman. By all accounts stunningly beautiful, dazzlingly brilliant, yet always modest and kind, in an age when women were but chattel, she was history’s first female mathematician, as well as the first female astronomer, inventor, and natural philosopher. She was the last keeper of the flame of knowledge in that great Alexandrian University — the Museum — the center of all the world’s learning. As the daughter of the last head professor of the Museum, she practically grew up in the Great Alexandrian Library, where all the world’s knowledge was kept, for in addition to being a child prodigy, she was a voracious reader. Already, by the age of womanhood in those days (i.e., twelve), she was considered to have assimilated the sum total of all significant human knowledge. Books in those days, before the advent of printing, were in the form of hand-written scrolls, each one a priceless original, and when what was left of the Great Alexandrian Library was burned down by those under the stolen banner of a False Version offshoot of True Christianity at the command of Christian emperor Theodosius “The Great” in the year 391, the books were all gone. But Hypatia’s mind still contained the best of what was lost in the flames, and so, throughout the rest of her life, whenever someone was stumped by a problem, there were no more books to turn to — to see if some brilliant ancient Greek hadn’t already solved it — there was only Hypatia to turn to. By the time her career as lecturing natural philosopher culminated, she was considered an oracle, and citizens and heads of state streamed in from all over the two empires to consult with her on important matters. Indeed, so great was her renown, that letters from all over the far-flung empires addressed simply “to the Philosopher” would unerringly find their way to her. Her life’s mission was to preserve the ancient knowledge of the brilliant Greeks, and to preserve their tradition of free-thinking rational thought, but the world around her was in upheaval, and these False Religionists were consolidating power, turning the mind of man away from reason, to faith. Hypatia was the last obstacle to the False Church’s goal of world domination, and when the Counterfeit Christians mob under Saint Cyril came to make of her history’s greatest martyr for science — in the most gruesome way imaginable — the scholars left Alexandria in disgust, Alexandria ceased to be the world’s center of learning, the Dark Ages descended upon the world, and the mind of man stagnated for a thousand years. Her life has all the heroic elements of a Greek tragedy, and if this were all that we knew, her place in history would already be assured, as a great tragic soul, standing alone against the coming darkness. But this is not all we know. Recent research suggests that the Fake/False Christians did not succeed in destroying her life’s works, as was previously believed. Hypatia did not live in vain. It is now believed, by those competent to judge such matters, that the very primers of rational thought, Euclid’s the Elements, Ptolemy’s Almagest, and Diophantus’ Arithmetica have come down to us only through the Hypatian recension — that is, through copies made of Hypatia’s own hand-written notes on these masterpieces. These books bear the very seed of the ancient Greek genius, and when these books were rediscovered, at the end of the Middle Ages, that seed sprouted and a New Age of secularism and rational thought dawned upon the world, a period in history which we today know as The Renaissance, meaning, quite literally, The Re-Birth — of the Classical Age of Greek wisdom. Today, we are in effect, the children of the wise and rational Greeks, not of the ignorant superstitious medievals, in large part because Hypatia preserved and disseminated the seed of Greek wisdom. Although that seed lay dormant for a thousand years, eventually it sprouted and bore the fruits which produced the Modern Age, and in the end, the higher nature held as higher standard through the Divine Femine triumphed, and will ever continue to do when daring to set the ever new upwardly spiraling beautifully loving higher wholistic standard and hold to same to be echoed and supported by the True Man ever also appearing in her child and in her mate, for she is worthy same and will no longer be tricked to give away her power to the fallen consciousness that has no no Light, no real living tie to Source and therefore must of needs lie, cheat, trick and deceive those that have Inner Tie to Inner Reality, Inner Truth, Inner Peace, Inner Beauty, and the unmistakable Inner Glow rather than stolen, counterfeit, false, that can never be granted permanence in the Grand Scheme of things...

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