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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle FHL(C) nli
Post Content
An anthologia and history, about the world/s visible and unseen.

Are the governing Jesuits actually jewish by blood?

Fasting also breaks the hidden things of darkness hiding in the stomach, eg, fetid breath(pork, rotten egg etc, and also explains dietary laws, and why latterly all is ok, but by giving thanks poisons can be annulled, and also why Paul says stomachs /bellies will be done away with, explains belly god connections, however add in reality of the Lord in eating fish and honey, way more of course, example tree of life, leaves for healing of the nations, and the 12 fruits.

In binding and loosing, there are situations where it is unnatural, in the amount of leeway given by all and sundry to someone who is not innocent to the hurt of the innocent party, major explanation, they have called on the devil(any spirit other than God ), and everyone suddenly becomes, forgiving understanding, helpful, kind, not wanting to break things(this needs to be developed, if the action is so singular in its effect, then that means there is a similar and simple key/area/part of mind/soul/spirit and body that when released/relaxed by/from the efforts/effects of sin and wicked spirits that they(wicked spirits) then are able to guide the subsequent generosity of feeling/kindness and affection.
Solution(even though what it can do and is{that is the sudden inexplicable generosity of forgiveness by many parties at once} reveal issues that other party(the one who has called on the devil/powers/higherself etc etc[world/flesh/devil]) needs to deal with,( you the actual innocent or offended party), need to bind, break, and loose, and then release blessing(by thought, word and deed, with/in Him). What it shows, is a tactic of the enemy in releasing pent up desire for goodness and God in a manipulative and destructive way, of course suffering blessedly is good and great, however we have the authority and victory in The Lord to let Him and His Light in the/any given situation, so the Truth triumphs directly(not later, as it will at the great white throne) over deception, lies, the father of lies, manipulation, sorcery and witchcraft(the latter being simply the manipulation of current reality by any means necessary to get your own selfish and quite likely devils evil way, many(fallen and saved, unregenerate and regenerate but carnal) in these cases can no longer discern the difference between these evil lusts and desires supposing them to be their true character and personality, which is another reason it is so easy for wicked spirits to manipulate those who suppose these base feelings and lusts are who they are as person and ality..

Best practice for sprouting,

Turn over soil
Add nutrient natural compost etc
Add seeds
Allow sunlight
Cover with original mulch

Add lunar/tidal cycles
Add seasonal variations especially changeover points
Solar cycles(eg sunspots, cme’s, magnetics, proton count, neutrino action) must also influence, therefore galactic ones as well

Why sun drying seeds is a good thing;
It allows the photon/sun/neutron count+\-/heat energy, probably all other spectra as well, giving coloration density etc, to dry the seeds which react by storing the energy as the water is evaporated.
Which leads to releasing growth when nutrient, water and sun/light are added again to the dried seed. Specifics for each kind and type will have variables.

Why Son drying good seed is a good thing,

As the drying out process(dying to self/oldman, application of the cross) occurs and the old man is shriveled up around the regenerated core of life(the way, the door, the life, the bread the vine the figtree, the mustard seed tree)

A concise and clear expose and understanding of the enmity t/daoists have concerning the buddhist religion/s.

Daoism represents the male in the yinyang, whilst buddhism is the female, Daoiosts resent the foreign aspect of buddhism, especially the Chinese variant as an intrusion into their ancient and older cultural control of the Chinese peoples, and make the case for the gwelio character of buddhist philosophy and practice.

Daoism particularly resents the period in Chinese history(about 600AD +\- 100 years), when buddhism seized control of the state bureaucracy, and began to displace daoism’s national influence on the nobles, warlords and emperors(as well as common person).

Daoism especially hates the Tibetan variants which so confounded their efforts to regain control of the state bureaucracy and bureaucrats in the latter 700 years.
In the course of time what was originally a simple and ancient religious meld, and when it was influenced by successively, Moses, David, Solomon and finally (from ancient Israel’s perspective) Daniel and Esther, through the admiration and exposition of the 3 sages/teachers Lao tsu etc for the accomplishments and blessed character of especially the prophet/priest/king representatives of God on earth and their wisdom, sagacity and blessed state of their subject peoples, that they declared all that was good of these things in their own philosophic and eminently practical character as wisdom literature(cf deitsogwei), the reaction from the proto tong/underworld elders/magicians was to identify what they considered to be gweilo interference/ideology and secretly pursue a Chinese identity which owed allegiance to none but themselves as the hidden hands and masters of Chinese destiny(explaining why it was so easy for the british(Rothschild/Jesuit) masonic secret services and their kin to infiltrate and control the Tongs and various other Chinese and eastern secret societies.

The hidden hand down the ages and what secluded /compartmentalized pockets it actually reaches in mammon.
How they have recently cloaked the magus/magicians in/with/from back masking music to artistic imagination with formal and un/informal symbolism, is merely a cloak for spirits of the age to deceive the majority, dependant as to who is in ascendance amongst the hidden, that is the hidden esoteric or the practical outworkers(and sometimes combinations thereof. Thus the current dependence on science so called, in this so called technocratic age of mental/intellectual and soul/spirit bondage and domination, reveals that the high priest/s merely shucked one skin and donned the lab coat, especially in the ivory towers of so called higher learning, and invariably they detest , like most governments and casino gangs, competition and competitor’s, especially ones who are coherent and practical in their precise unveilings of the ghost/spirit in the machine, the oz behind the curtain, the emperor with no clothes and the lie/s masquerading as authority and truth.
The practical application of this by the octopus, black nobility and abc’s , rothschild’s , jesuit’s and various others, was to ensure that when sexual sacrifice rites at dolmens/sacrificial altar were drenched in sacrificial virginal blood that the point of climax not only concentrated the exited imagination upon the sought out desire but the supercharged emotions were directly channeled and laid open to the wickedest spirits available at the time of ceremony.
What they failed to realize or appreciate in their propagation of the underlying reality and truth, as to how/why it worked, that is their ascension to power, access to good things and finances/money, things in the natural working their way etc etc, was it works not only for good and evil, but that good has priority over evil, no matter how many times evil may make the same request. It is only when good does not ask, or does not know to ask, that then evil appears to triumph by its will. The consequences are far different from what they have all vainly imagined that is the continuation of them and their seed down the line of ages. It is not the case at all and in fact they/evil has actually and only hastened the time of their total and complete demise, this includes wicked spirits, from the halls of power and influence forever, by revealing the connections and mechanisms of their deviance and rebellion to and against The Way/He who’s name sounds like YAHshua and has been ascribed by many as Joshua/Jesus.

The ultimate and progressive failure of the wicked, especially those engaged in religion, freemasonry and money lending, has been that the spirits they have had intercourse with are lying spirits, and though the propounded reasons for accomplishing the prime cause’s will via a system of wickedness and evil dressed as governance and altruism, will not lead to reward for accomplishment of conditions laid down as prophesy and therefore what will happen, but indeed the reward of the evil, generated and pursed via the “logical and reasonable(science/s especially mind sciences, psychology, parapsychology, psychiatry, consciousness expansion whether by tv, machines, genetics, drugs and fasting)” course, rewards that will indeed dwarf the capacity of the wicked to comprehend ever, what good really, is, means, or why good does things the way the Good/God/YHVH does theses things(the Way/YAHshua), eg known as good(eg rain for the wicked and the just).

The totality of all souls ever born (from the point of conception, as YHVH alone knows what is the spiritual outcome of all eggs and sperm) is thus, the great majority(that is in excess of 50% of all children born, a figure in between 80 to 120 billon souls by current mathematical modeling, died prior to their 13th birthday, which means they were covered paternally by God as their Father when it comes to adult decision and consequence, there are various historical and other evidences for this(eg those born before the cross, those born after but not exposed to the finished work, David and Bathsheba’s first child, being childlike but not childish etc), but what it reveals is this, the devil never has and never will have more human souls to suffer by/because of him/its/hers wicked deviance and rebellion/rejection of the good”Way”., than YHVH/God has more precious souls in heaven who have experienced this existence we claim as reality in the casing God created called by many as Time/earth/society/family. God is not only just and righteous but also fair, you make the decision to turn against God, so there are your responsibility/free(so called, as true freedom would choose YHVH/God) will, choice of consequences, it matters not whether an evil heart and/or evil spirit encouraged you, you willfully choose to go the way you have, you are responsible for your actions and choices when it is all boiled down, you rejected the many times that YHVH/God graciously and lovingly tried to reach out and or correct you, through situation/circumstance/word and other beings(especially so since the Cross and resurrection of the Lord).

Is the city of spiritual Babylon, in the air?, the prince of the power of the air, tv land, unconsciousness land, dream land, the so called realm, the so called collective unconscious, the ashkaic records hall so called, nde land/realms, drug realms, vision land, the dry places(not just deserts), the karmic wheel of life so called, the talmudic/ kabala understanding of the tree of life and its 10 emanations/etc etc, that is the place where the fallen angels reside other than the bowels of the earth.

The bible
Octopus uncovered
Vatican 2
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