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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Thomas Bean
Post Content
So when did this guy showed up then?
 Quoting: Ho Anu

He did not show up so to speak, the nwo tried to make him a sex slave. Yes, sadly the nwo has many slaves :(

They started to try and take him over using their methods to order the subconscious to be a slave in 2005 but they had their eye on this man since the 90's.

The nwo uses tech that has not been released to the public, it would blow your mind. This man, what made the nwo take notice, is the fact that their nlp/hypnosis mind control does not work on him.

They have been trying to crack him for 5 years now, hardcore, and he still remains free of the control. Trust me when I say, this ability can only be given by God because no human can resist once thew nwo starts to take over your mind.

9/11 was so much more then you know. 9/11 was used as a mass brainwashing psyop. All that terror, all that fear, that is the key to the mind. They use fear to get into your mind. The digital hdtv, the electronic music, the 3d movies, all designed to turn you into something else. And you won't even know you have changed or that your brainwashed. They change your thoughts, and you won't even have a clue.

As I said we have been due for a "refresher" in fear because the mass hypnosis on the populace is wearing off but they can't act until this matter gets cleared up.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 960594

I can...believe it or not...corroborate most of this.
I'm wondering....who began this thread, and "how did you know" about me....and what I did?

You either are clarvoyant, or part of surveillance: if so, "the state would not allow you repeating this".

I got poisened, and felt close to death in 2006....the murder attempts also included a very "hot coin" that could only be pressed from depleted uranium, or...perhaps...a coin that was inundated with radiation. That coin...did not feel right when I picked it up...and...after touching it, I touched my face to scratch an itch, and a lesion forum quickly and lasted a long time. Also, got poisened with berylium dust put on my steering wheel....made the skin on my hands react...took immune system a long time to get reset to normal.

They will kill you if they need to.

The spooks...murdered my known associates: RICH GORDON (former chief of staff, SD US Sen Tom Daschle); YPD SGT MARK DEFENBAUGH (after I talked to him on the wiretapped phone); JOHN KABIESEMAN (lawyer I consulted with to sue NSA-CIA-FBI-DOD-HLS).

The state murdered CHRISTINA MOORE....I signed and sent an affidavit identifying "who, what, when, why, how" showing ROUND ROCK, TEXAS, PD how to solve the case.....leading back to DICK CHENEY AND AUSTIN LAWYER WHITTINGTON (shot at quail hunt in Texas).

So....how did the initial poster of this thread...know this?yoda
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