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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Thomas Bean
Post Content
and what did this man "say and do" that would get anyone else killed?

I will use a analogy and I hope you get it.

Think of this man as a small white Italian man going into the heart of the bronx at 4am.

Now imagine that every single person he passes by he gives them the finger. He sees a group of 13 big and scary looking black guys and he pulls down his pants and moons them. He then walks through the neighborhood cursing everyone out.

Now do you think that this little white guy is going to see 5 am let alone the sunrise? Not only did he see the sunrise, he is on the way to walking out the neighborhood, making it a better place by his presence. Only a few wants to harm him, many are clapping their hands and laughing with something the nwo hates, happyness.

I do not know if he will survive tho, his life hangs in the balance every day.

nice answer without answering my question.. u told nothing about what was said/done by this guy apparently and talked about a hypothetical dude instead.

hey man i fight the illuminatis also on the astral plane:)
 Quoting: White Dragon

I made it as clear as i could. He basically told the Illuminati to go fuck itself, basically to their faces, and they did not kill him, rather they like him because he is REAL and not a zombie.

Clear now?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 960594

I told them other things...but yeah..."go fuck themselves to their fat faces" is a reasonable interpretation.devil6

I also showed them...how wiretapping records are computerized with The CALEA LAW AND installation of computer switchboards................EVER NOTICE HOW A COMPUTER O.S. records ALL KEYSTROKES OR OPERATIONS...ya know....like WIRETAPPING. So.....if.....uh....there is not FISA CT, FED CT, or STATE CT ordered wiretapping, but we have a hard disc entry showing CALEA WAS USED...you have proof of a felony crime or series of crimes....THAT WAS A HIGH CRIME AND MISDEMEANOR FOR IMPEACHMENT OF BUSH-CHENEY....no?
"Real and not a zombie"....yes...my blog....is up and running....anybody want to read some more?...ask for the blog...or check out Facebook for "Thomas Bean" in South Dakota...nice photos there...for unbelievers....angel3
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