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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Thomas Bean
Post Content
so who is the mystery man op ? you can tell us if the illuminati aka the bad guys already know him can't you ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 437855

Yes you can.......you know so much already........and, I've posted all over the internet...with a blog.

So...what else do you know?blwkss

What do you know about CHRISTINA MOORE MURDER linked to CHENEY and NSA TERR SURV PROGRAM using SIGINT from NSA 902ND COUNTER INTEL GROUP sent to the "cutout" WHITTINGTON, lawyer shot at quail hunt by "dead eye dick".....the contractors were identified by me as same guys they sent after me in the 90's when I lived in Austin, Texas......tell us more.......then I will corroborate your REMOTE VIEWING SESSIONS, with total truth and candor.angel3
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