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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Thomas Bean
Post Content
You say: In the beginning he was almost wiped, twice.

Like shot? Kidnapped? Crash? Beating?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 838790

you dont want to wipe your enemy, if that'll make him stronger
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1021560

I had signed and sent a very long US DOJ OIG COMPLAINT.

That complaint gave info fodder to Thomas Tamm, who was one source for James Risen at NY TIMES who broke the story in late 2005.

After the story broke...the CIA overstepped FBI'S INVESTIGATION OF ME, and...got a bogus FISA CT ORDER RUBBERSTAMPED, allowing a "surreptitious break in to my home" while I was asleep...to illegally insert a CIA RFID VERICHIP into my skull.wakeup

They also obstructed SD US ATTORNEYS....on these crimes.
The scam is...the use "mind control" to subliminally program people into incriminating themselves. It's all scripted. They use that at FISA CT, and...this court knows all this. They know: "hand off method" is used to disseminate illegally obtained info from warrantless wiretapping....a clear violation of Title III, Title 18 Unit. States Code sections 2510--et.al., see, section 2517.
If I was killed, after GORDON, KABIESEMAN, DEFENBAUGH, NELSON.......that creates a martyr...."how is DOJ-FBI HQ can stop their troops from rebelling"...especially after the US ATTORNEY FIRINGS SCANDAL????????

They went too far...and did not control the evidence, and did not control the spin. A MARTYR IS DANGEROUS, but...somehow...DEAD EYE DICK CHENEY (with knowledge that FBI HAD MY CHRISTINA MOORE MURDER AFFIDAVIT)thought he could "murder a complainant" and a witness...to numerous high crimes and misdemeanors.neener2

Imagine NIXON'S WATERGATE SCANDAL...if...JOHN DEAN had shown up dead before testifying?grumpy2
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