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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Thomas Bean
Post Content

What TPTB Know about the One True Nobody is they Do Not whant Him to Quicken unto Manifestation...

They Know if He Does They ARE TOAST...

So the Question is Where Does That Leave Them...

Only Time will Tell...


 Quoting: ... 23710747

As far as manifesting, or not...."they are toast" anyway you cut it...they had a chance to obtain mercy, they chose poorly...that's all I can say, and I was surprised at how stupid Cheny was, especially after Mueller interviewed him concerning my signed and sent CHRISTINA MOORE MURDER AFFIDAVIT, and the attempted murder of Austin, TX, lawyer WHITTINGTON ("cutout" on SIGINT from NSA 902ND COUNTER INTEL GROUP) at the hastily arranged Texas quail hunt.

I tried to help the numbskulls....but, they wanted to dictate all terms forever....?

They had three options:

a)--give me criminal justice in.re. to MY US DOJ OIG COMPLAINT...and possibly the affidavits (MEXICAN MAFIA MURDERS, CHRISTINA MOORE MURDER, YOGURT SHOP MURDERS);

b)--give me civil suit justice quietly, in the amount of 150 million $;

c) both, a) and b).

Michelle Tapken was from one of my home towns (Yankton, SD) and she also attended law school in my first year clas at UNIV SOUTH DAKOTA SCHOOL OF LAW....she later was the deputy when JAMES MCMAHON resigned after being investigated by US DOJ OPR pursuant to my complaint.
Tapken, as SD US ATTORNEY, held a FED GRAND JURY...SIOUX FALLS FBI was investigating after SPECIAL AGENT DANNY REYNOLDS AND S.A. DAVE HELLER were forced to resign pursuint to FBI OPR conducting a review of the complaint.
This brought in s.a. Pluta and Miller...who did not conduct any interview with me as part of opening a preliminary inquiry....but, they worked the FED GRAND JURY.
Daschle Campaign HQ wiretapping using CALEA computerized interface....JFK JR MURDER, CARNEHAN MURDER, WELLSTONE MURDERS, all proveable with illegal surveillance by NSA 902ND COUNTERINTEL GROUP'S illegal wiretapping.goodnews

So much more.

So much research to do.agent

So many "dead heads" and jokers like "Isaac" who...don't think before they post??????

How does the "nobody feel"?fatlady

Answer: GO TO MY BLOG, or think about the fact that, "...it ain't over till the fat lady sings...no?"
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