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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Thomas Bean
Post Content
This would only be possible if some nobody found enlightenment and went in there and explained the karma they will personally receive if they don't reverse their methodology.

Yes, this could happen.

Your closer then you know.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 960594

Actually, he's pretty much right on the money.

Why do you think the people who run this world hide all their plans under the symbolism of the Quest for the Golden Fleece? To them that means Divinity and this person is going to achieve it and they want to control it. The Eastern Churches call it Theosis. Why do you think they get all excited about the Quest for the Holy Grail - cause he achieves theosis via the Real Presense in the Eucharist. Why the King Author Motif - cause this guy is the 'once and future king' and they found out about him back in the Middle Ages right when that Legend began.
 Quoting: Theoferrum

That's what i did...not well, but that's what I did.

They, the Illuminati...have always had oracles who were quite accurate....and, somehow...they see remote viewing as devine power, and yes...they want it, but cannot ever, ever, ever....do it themselves.

That burns those...who think they are gods.

You could say, Christ was killed over Envy...or..."he induced guilt by showing the powers their sin". The killed him to avoid "looking at themselves". It was not a smart murder...and created martyrdom and a never ending army of christians who oppose satan. Not a good result for the dark ones.....no?

Somehow, the "source" wanted to give the dark ones a chance at redemption and or balancing their karma....that's all I did..."give them the chance" that they failed..and the failure lands squarely on Dead Eye Dick's desk, with Eric Prince at Blackwater Inc....doing the hits...with McChrystal and Obamas' "assassination czar".

You'll notice...Holder has to go to War Crimes Trials with Obama for conspiring to Obstruct Justice, by doing absolutely nothing. Holder can flip on Obama, and should...but, in my book...THE ATTY GEN does not "obstruct justice" based on a President's order, "...we're looking forward, not backward...". Holder had a duty to file charges on Obama for initiating that policy or trying to enforce it.

I told Holder, get Motion signed for Permanent Injunctive RElief prohibiting OBAMA from "obstructing, hindering, tampering" with his prosecution and investigation.

When HOlder did not do that..............he earned his jail time at a later date.

No excuses.

No Nuremberg defences.

He is The Attorney General.
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