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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Thomas Bean
Post Content
What can they Offer to the NoBody that will make up for what they have done to him ? He's been physiologically tortured 24/7 for almost 14 years now ? What if you were in the NoBody's shoes with nothing to loose ? What would you expect them to do ? I bet to him the World on a silver platter and everything in it is not Enough. The World is not Enough
 Quoting: TheOneBee

How did you know his tribulations started 14 years ago, or on 1998? hmm
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14918165

That was when his Grandmother, who was his protector, died under mysterious circumstances, and his twisted Illuminati family began torturing him like they always wanted to. They took away everything he had to start out adult life with, casted those pearls before swine for fun, and threw him face first into the mind control programs of the elite, which as we all can guess didn't work. He's educated himself, and managed to survive this long despite always being on the cusp of destitution. All he has known since she died is pain, devastation and heartache, things that no one should ever have to go through and he's stayed sane all throughout, pretty amazing stuff.
 Quoting: PsychedelicCat 13982257

Only O.P....so far...claims inside knowledge of this "nobody"....yet, we have a new goofball?

You're info is all made up.....you are way down the line...you don't have access to my file.obigbro

But, FORMER SALT LAKE CITY FBI SAC McTeague did...and gave access to this file, to a guy who was a mere contractor? This contractor was in on the QUARTZITE, ARIZONA, MURDER OF THE KOREAN LAUNDROMAT OWNER......McTeague got fired by MUeller, for "getting Mueller in the media" when he wanted to soften his tone, and also...wanted to polish his credibility.

The real wildcard is Mueller.............he's God's man inside The Illuminati...he was supposed to flip, and maybe did...but OBAMA and HOLDER, fucked up so badly....that, like I said..."they go to jail eventually" with the option to flip and talk about BUSH and CHENEY as the puppet masters.

Listen to me readers...if some low level, foot surveillance ILLuminati offers any fact about "the nobody"....make sure I corroborate first, other than that....your getting misled or forced to listen to conjecture, not SPECIFIC FACTS.kim
You'd be amazed how the truth gets lost...when a group touches it. By the time posts at GLP are made.....the specific facts mutate to projective fantasies.
Children used to play a game called "telephone".angryface

A truth is told to one.......as it passes through a group......the end product is totally opposite of how it started? The game is...questioning each carrier, to find how they spun, changed, and projected what they conjured up.....so it is with the satan worshippers claiming "they know this nobody"?ocrocka

Most of the ILLUMINAT dorks I met.....were to stupid to read my blog. You have to understand, THE SATAN WORSHIPPERS are amazingly stupid...impotent...thus, they take a weak, desperate path to power.
Weakness is Stupidity creating DESPERATION leading to "the deal with the devil".
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