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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Jak Blak
Post Content
 Quoting: Thomas Bean

Hey Tommy hush a little would you.
Tommy can you hear me?
You Bean and done and said a lot and I'm sure its very important in your neck of the woods, but I have to tell you that therer is a HELL of a lot more out there and IN THERE than just the little old US of A.
The events are rather large you know .. beyond your elbow of the woods.. and 'things' dictate that
the USA buckles down and does what is right this time ..

Obama and co know this well .. I do hope for their own sake ..

and speaking of folk that will be facing war crimes courts / judgement / EXXXPULSION very very soon ..
.. why didntcha mention old Benny Net-en-Yahoo and co.
The Rothschild gangster klan of morans.
You seem a little bit obsessed with Obama .. and the timing ..
Who woulda thunk it ..
a bit obvious or what .. eh .. eh ..

Speaking of obvious ..
...Make O.P. answer these questions...if not...don't bother with this thread anymore...just move on.

Still amazed at how many people, some how...got sidetracked on a bizarre topic like this....where....the info from O.P. was so third rate, and "hearsay based on hearsay" that...you got to wonder.....DOESN'T ANYBODY HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO, THEN MUNCH ON OBTUSE RUMORS?

and the nuthouse focus's on a dubious post from O.P., who does not have access to the "nobody's file"?

 Quoting: Thomas Bean

You seem a bit OBVIOUSLY fixated on averting attention away from this .. and TO rather long winded stories that don't talk about the world at large or ZIONISM (currently at large .. but not for long) and the current perpetrators of world crimes in the same breath as they do 'Satanism'
which your type of 'folk' are keen to link to Obama and other certain individuals for obvious effect.


jackass ..
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