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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Blak Jak
Post Content
So what else did we expect ..

No surprizes and no first prizes for the idjits at the back oYveeeyy ..

Obama dishes up the disses for your Isisraeli warmongering darkside turd bags .. in spades ..

so what is the reaction ..
like trained monkeys and tired cattle not smart enough even to make sheep status yet ..
the old MosSSadZionistamista falsetittyflag number is raised YET AGAIN
yes .... yawn ...................... I know ......................
more Zionist insanity and depravity to be blamed on mossies and other such innocent creatures

Didja think we was smoking Ha-SHEESH (yeah sheesh ..its an expression ..look it up .. or ;look in tha mirror)
yeah smoking funny bizness from the tailpipe of the old Zionist-Jeyouwish MSM
be-he-mouth, as it gushes forth a plenty o smoke and toxic obfukskating fumology into the faces of those that
see and saw and always GOT IT .. the OLD old picture rather well ..thank you very little ..

FUNNY how after this NettyYAHOO bizmess .. his fat lips all a quivering with rage and anger with full 'backing'
from his 'lord' of false wars and insanity against Humanity .. suddenly there is weather chaos
going down .. and up .. and HAARP is a blazin and a bitin like Donner and Blitzen
but yet we is a soooo stupiddds like we donner kno w what the fork is sticking out like
a nose on a Roman centurion (must be the bloodline influence oyvey eh).

So the Zionist dirtbags are playing scalar weather wars again and guiding (right on time to date)
all sorts of nasty messages home (if USA is where you call home)
the old play this game our way .. or else.

Obama knows the score .. I would think by now .. so once again it is time for the Zionist new word odiferous ones
to play the same old tired hand again, the only one they think they have left, the only one they know,
now that they are so well and truly CUT OFF from their Satanic Reptilian masters of doom and mind control.

We see Milf Romney over in Israel bending over like a great catchers mitt
and getting rather a lot of rug burn on the knee as he kisses his treasured foreign home soil and pledges to the Zionistas
to remain on bended(BENT) knee and deliver USA to the dark side (even more so than before) if he is elected. Of course he
over[played and overcooked that hand in the burning bush because he knew just how important to his election potential the Israeli-hollywood -AIPAC-ADL-etc blah blur .. backing
was ..

But yeah enough for now of that boring old parade of whoring politicians that will
do anything for a brief bit of power, bling and spotlight to fuel their dark desires ..
a bit like some of you on here ... cough ..

Morons, morans, dumbasses and jackasses, with barely enough room left for the light to shine through the crack.

Be sure though .. We are cracking it open as we speak ...

A Chasm like an orgasm will ripple ...

Speaking of dumbasses and jackasses ... with all bases covered ..
the basest of ...
..that little recent anti-Muslim Israeli endorsed speech of yours SHR was really reaching from the pile of straws marked PATHETIC.
And lame .. and oooowwwwwlld. So very lame and pre-DICK-table.
Man oh man .. or woh-man (gotta say you sounded a bit.. no, A LOT .. effeminate lately
.. got a worman inside your puppet glove now have you playing the role of spokesperson and whipmaster MC-deluxe of the I.Q. challenged.)
I guess you are getting pay cheques from both MosSSad AND C.I.Oy-Vey these days ..
or always .. as always ..as ever ..

This being a Zionist Israeli controlled site I guess what could we expect.

All that false U.S.A. patriotism said with a gutteral mumbling Israeli accent .. hoping nobody would notice.

Can anyone say MegAphony .. and a little pony ..
right on the mo-knee
for the show . .

Ha ha


SHRiek on you tired washed up old buffoons ...
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