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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

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People of the future may well laugh at the society of today in many respects, and praise us in others for the choices of change we put into motion at the critical points of awakening of the individual choice at this time that changed everything..?

With increasing deliberate obfiscation of the Truth, corporations are parasitical in nature & exist first and foremost for the profit motive with no conscience/ golden rule at the expense of the betterment of society and our individual and mutual evolving..?

As long as we continue to look to or expect to get real Truth from the corporate entity as it exists today, we will fail to grow or evolve at an individual or collectively wholistic level to improve the human condition..?

Awakening to the need to self educate and application to same at this critical point is what is required for the new birth of freedom we are on the brink of at an individual and societal level..?

Love is the guiding force and the measure of all things.

Parasitical constructs lack Love.

If we dare ever and always to raise the bar to a new definition of Love and Truth, the Truth of Love, and the inherent Love in Truth, deception and deceptive practices at the expense of the individual Heart of Love will fall away and we will at last Live in an open and Free Society that is the Great Work in which we are all involved here for the betterment of ourselves and Society..?

Love is the Answer.

Love is the Key.

Love is the only Choice.

Parasites have no Love.

It is therefore our duty to pull the plug on our individual and collective free will empowerment of the lie and deception at every turn that divides us, separates us and conquers us at an individual and societal level through obfiscation of Truth.

As long as we stay numb to and conditioned to accept the lie even in small amounts it will have a foothold and continue to grow out of proportion. We are incredibly powerful beings of creative Love and as we continue to awaken we simply will not accept the individual or collective empowerment of non Love because we simply know better.

We are as a Band of Living Angels. What we allow to happen to any one of us hurts the Whole Band? ( and should therefore incur the Wrath of Love of the Whole Band..? ).

Enough is Enough.

You Fuckers that continually sellout to deception and the larger parasitical structure are pretty much done. We are onto you, as is the Lord Above, who is here on Earth Present now... ( btw ) [ As long... Long... foretold... ] Silently watching what we will now individually and collectively do in Love against the Tapestry and Backdrop of the larger Orchestration of the grand Drama in Progress...

Loving Change is the Only Thing Permanent..?

Good Thing..!

Love Is the Measure of All Things --

Each time we lay our head to rest now... Things will be different when we awaken...

The choices we make in Love will steer the creation of quantum reality to ever new vistas, and people will awaken to new and everlasting Life, of a fully amplified positive karma, while some will undoubtedly awaken as extensions of the dying parasite of the lessor society into everlasting contempt by free will choice and fully accelerated negative karma. Such is the effect of karma amplification across the board in the presence of the Divine in the Earth. Don't believe me or the Prophesies all culminating in this time..? Ask to be shown : )

Quite refreshing...

We truly are as a Living Band of Angels together...

The Earth is a Living Artwork...

All else is in fact quantum illusion...

: ) If I cuss..? It is because I am more than vaguely aware that I have been around as self aware identity a little while... and long-suffered and put up with these merciless sellout jokers of the True Angel Nature of Who & What we really are for individual self gain for longer than I care to discuss, and they are neither to be respected or by any definition respectable in their past and even continued bahavior towards what they view as an infant Humanity...

We all Live on unspeakable Grace amidst larger forces delicately balanced and held in place and these act as though they can continue with the lie: "do what thou wilt..."

As though we don't live in a dynamic existence amidst a globe primarily covered with water, much less in near proximity to an ever changing star...

The Good Souls will always have nothing to fear -- ever, and for always...

: )

The Earth does not and has not belonged to them : )

Who it does belong to has willed it back to the Creator - Now Present - and with the amplification of all your Good Works - and the lack thereof of theirs - you could say a few changes are in order...

[ just sayin' ]

: )

[link to upload.wikimedia.org]

[link to upload.wikimedia.org]

[link to www.learnthebible.org]
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