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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

[link to m.cbsnews.com]

Heads up on latest findings on the Wheat topic --

As I usually do, used myself as a Guinea pig on completely verifying before any reporting...

You heard me to say in the MSG-Excitoxin segments that I had quit and always leave behind the store bought frozen Pizzas because of being unable to find any that were not always loaded with some form of MSG, and feeling poisoned wasn't worth having it taste "too good" in the short time eating it.

Was signaled to look into going out of my way to give it one more try at the store in order to specifically do a cause/ effect heads up on the subject of this story before posting as relevant - since Freedom for people is what motivates allot of how I think and fight for...

Read through all the labels and found one that did not have MSG or a derivitive listed in the labeling. The closest thing was simply "starch" way down the label which may or may not equate with an MSG derivitive, and if so at all, since near the end of the ingredients would be seen as such a smaller amount.

Since pretty much displacing all wheat out of my diet a couple years back and feeling great, any Guinea pig test would be exceptionally accurate and show up definitively since nothing else would be a dietary change to mistake the results.

Results: No standard MSG symptoms for any appreciable beginning period, but then a full 24 hours later joint toxin poisoning of the Joints registering specifically in the extremities/ elbow joints/ pronounced pain with ingested compounds/ Pizza "Wheat" ingredients settling into Joints - Joint soreness with no other possible cause, as am consistently in ideal shape, never ever have or experience any joint pain even when doing all kinds of out of the ordinary work, recreation, or activity ( which neither was done recently ).

* Conclusion: [ Above Article Proven Correct ]

Used to eat Wheat products as a staple part of diet like everyone else but decided permanently I would simply rather openly choose to be intelligent & just decide not to go along and poison my joints with their toxins/ feel bad instead of how I now always feel in my body: consistently? -> Great.


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