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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Astraea
Post Content
The day breaks as thunder sounds over and through the Earth

The sun grows bright, and then brighter still

Great Light streams from above, below, from deep and from shallow - Cosmic Ray and Celestial Thunderbolts make matter glow

And the day grows as bright as never before

then comes a low sound, and then more, so loud, so loud it screams and bellows and blows and every bird, and beast and human being screams to relieve the pressure

Great Light!

I look to see my human body shine with a light that is brighter than any other light - then I make a sound, that is a song and my voice soars above all other sound

My Light and Song spiral and spin and brighter still

Rise higher and then outwards from this place

this place created, began and now, waves of light wash over the Earth, to this place then an end comes

(and then she cried out, for me to return - for her... but Creator does not turn, does not look, and then Creator is gone... and then light fades, and sound, and then all this that was, is no more)

Soon, oh Soon the Light~
 Quoting: Astræa 14828328

Light flashing from my hands to up to the Sun,...

The strings resonate....to something different

There is a song to sing, to see, to hear

(either way)

Always it is those who contest me, until it isn't
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