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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Astræa
Post Content
Now some religious education.

You will find your "Jerusalem" (which is Tefnut, the Yew, Dinah and NOT Selene, Sophia, Eve, Innana or whatever you like to call her now in your religious heresy) as the one who turned her back on her husband, forgat him and went pagan (this is why you had unicorns mixing with occult in your cartoon many pages ago).

Now she had been removed from history (thus sent into the wilderness) until she would turn back home, forget her liking for paganism and occultism, remember her own roots (since celts are denying having ever been Jew) and the day she would accept having ever been a Jew is the day she would remember that YHVH was not the LORD (or master) but her husband.

Now you great Innana worshipper of Babylon, get help from Astraea and find the entity which emblems got destroyed and go and seek who rejected her in fury and whom she turned her back from to find other lover.

Do not say it on this forum, remember that any worship of the Yew was put under death threats and if your "Templars" were burned alive as heretics there was a reason (for your are allowed to worship Baphomet but not the Jew - wonder why).

Now once you have done your homework and see who channelled your bible come back to the pagans worshipping the christmas tree and call them demons.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1786444

Flattery will get you nowhere, Austria... this post seems to me a lot like one of those grunt-level 'nobody' call out thread posts...

Unless, I'm mistaken, it doesn't seem like your style...

anyways... perhaps you are not the Austria I thought you were?
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