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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
so Jesus died on the cross for our sins/debts. Ok I accepted that. The jews/illuminati then go on to claim that you now owe Jesus because he paid your debts. So they bond you at birth until you pay them (jews) back for killing Jesus. Ok...

Well I accepted that crazy crap and paid that. Let's see. now the book it says that the church (US) is now in debt to us and will provide for all of our needs. Well that sounds good to me. Crap it seems like them damn jews run the US and are pulling that not gonna pay a gentile crap.

Well I suspect you now know where I may possibly stand on the whole ww3 and israel thing. I am just sitting back watching and waiting for the show to begin. Burn baby burn.
 Quoting: Guess who 24237101

Have you lost your mind?

Jews and satan worshippers say, "..you owe Jesus, for dying for your sins"? WHEN WAS THIS STATED BY THE POLICE STATE SCUM?

Jesus did not die for your sins...he died at the hands of the sinners who murdered him because he had more power then they had, and he also reminded them of their sins.

That is the reality free of mindless, confusing dogma.propoganda

I think you have alot of explaining to do.......and......as the WW3, ....it will be orchestrated....and, hopefully that war includes the new, improved, american revolution against the police state who protect the TPTB.

Remember, PIGS AND MILITARY all protect the priviledged elites and always did.stfu

You enemy always has a uniform, badge, or watches FOX LYING COCKSUCKER NEWS.
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