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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle gd2balive
Post Content
OK boyz and girlz

and everything in-between

(you know who and what I mean)

Surely Enough IS enough
(even when Sir Lee and Shir-Lee have 2 mean-ings in the fuss to Ob Kate)

........as the old US tv series ....
"8 is enough"....seZ to you in so many werdZ
and young Nicholas .. the Saint
in the Nick of Time ..
gets Yah nicked
my son

Right from Tha "Top"
of the Crop

when IS

ENOUGH ........enough

and thi saint som e nochian shockian drama where you get to play the observer
and the observee ,,, as you wish ,,, as thou wilt
as the bough bows and sheer lee brakes
and the leaves all wilt and brown
leave-ing left and right of the gilded stAGE,
all headed down-town





If 6 was 9
then that which would be above, the below becometH
& thus what was down
would UP like the Sun
Upwards forEVER

to the None
to THE ONE....

where ALL shall Be-Co-ME

A ME-X-I-Can

For the Brave
or Naive,
- All 2 save

With Warmest Greetings and SAlutations

from My Team ~:

White Light 1-WL1-, Doktor Who, Inspec(k)tor Columb)o -IC- , X Y Z, Z.A. - Zoroaster -
- Jak Blak - JA1 - , Frank Zappa(er), <(0)>^<(0)>, ET-Cet-Era ETc...
- and a host of other others that
ALL BE Brothers
& Sisters


* -
without L*O*V*E
is like

the a-b-See's and IN dEEd .... Sea'(r)s of Love
that See and Be Seen
(oh muuyyy)
Hyde and Sikh
I. C.


The wings of a White Dove
this Oct888-OH!-ber Knight

and Carry You

Ever ON-Words -------->


10-4 GO(o)D Buddy

Bless You



******** ******** ******** ********
******** ******** ******** ********



& & &

of course (PA)4 the Course

= Active~8

* nudge nudge .. wink wink *

.. ..
Its never
Too Late
if you hold the K-EE(Y)'s
to the G8te .. ..

88888888 88888888 88888888 88888888
88888888 88888888 88888888 88888888

Check U
Mates & Gate Tors

p.s. how bout you drop those silly masks now hmmm?
you can't all be skit so's and shitz0s can ye now.
 Quoting: White Light 1 1565709

The point being made here in these comments above is a questions that all will have to make an answer for...

When is ENOUGH...ENOUGH???

All of humanity has lost their first Love and WE are in the generation of man that is entitled the generation of IGNORANCE...

Why do men continue to repeat over and over and over the same thing as though IT has never been done before???

There is one Divine Law that is on trial and this Divine Law is being treated as if no Man has ever heard this before and this Life Giving Law that should be written within OUR Living Temples is...

Do unto your brother as you would have your brother do unto you...He who Murders his brother Murders himself fore it is not in him to protect life nor the Souls of Men...

Today WE are witnessing the dishonour of Mans actions against THE WOMB of Life as if Life means nothing...

They are willing to trade money for life. They invent evil weapons of war,today we will just call them products and if no one is dying and they cannot sell their products they do not make money. People are being SACRIFICED daily to the god of WAR and this god is called Molek {The Owl god ) that they serve.Some know full well whom they serve but there are many who have invested stocks in these firms just do not realize what they are involved in but I guess the Money soothes their conscience...

The Khrist was offered the world and said no. All who are alive right now should be thankful that he said no or else all life as WE know it would be over.

You men who have been offered the world on a silver platter are in Grave Danger and you cannot even see the Adversary has set you up to take the fall for them...

Let me identify them for you. These would be the Fathers of men who have caused their sons and daughters much PERIL in this generation and they do not care about them so as long as they get theirs and the offering to them was the Love of Mammon, yah you were traded for the Love of Money and so are lives being killed as WE speak for the making of Money,their god that has caused them to fall and in the end the FALLEN SONS will blame you Men for your arogance for the Love of Money{Mammon}has caused your blindness and they laugh at you daily...

I am en`eng`ko Marty E.M. and WE PERSECUTE YOU NOT nor have WE been given the Authority from on high to do so, WE are your advocate and WE are here to point out the Fallen Sons of PERDITION so that you might be able tooo see them for what they really are...

Now is a good TIME to turn away from THEM beforte its too late...

WE send you all OUR Love from on High...

Eve`ykw enegko englaim ( en`eng`ko eng`edi } The WATERS that are cleansing the Earth

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