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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle WL1
Post Content
So yes lets .. do the time WAR-p
looking back into the mysts of tyme
into my crystal ballZ of clari-Tea
(not purchased at the T(e)a-Vee-stokkk shop of horrors Thank God)
I see sum loose ends and bits
sticking ....hanging out....

beyond the obvious 'Columbo' and the Who's who of the situation

More than just a storm in a T Cup

that blows away once HAARP00ned

to hit the pause " " button

for those klowns that would rather not look back in anger
(angry fearsome GUILT - and all dat bloodstained geld oyvay)
but rather gloss over kwik-lee
forgetting about the missing bodies
and mystery diseases and heart attacks
and place a new sheet of cover
over the old cover-up
to keep the Ham-Stir wheel
hamming it up until pigs learn to fly
... or is that ducks

No ducking out til it is so , Zo

> " "
Mind your mouth monkey follower

where did you think you were taking this thread hmm ...
in your chosen direction of magic mushrooms, mind expanding trips down illusory lane and down to your sham bolic, sham man depths of low vibratory sensory experience, through old dusty books of black magick tricks to prolong your 3D existence as you try to become immortal in the flesh ..bereft of Soul...bereft of LIFE

Don't make me laugh

Your magick is weak and very lame

Your attacks were noted however

There WILL be consequences for you.

 Quoting: " " 961540

Sorry to burst your bubble but Ahim-sa I aint

If I was I woulda kicked canislatrannies attention whoring boring ass a long time ago...
along with a few others.........

 Quoting: " " 961540

You don't get to move anywhere .. while you continue the charade - that I know all about, as do the Ones that really matter but are immaterial, and while those dark minions as listed above by you, and including all those dark government and military mindfunk agencies, continue to exploit innocent Souls that come here looking for guidance or Truth or solace from bullshit out there only to find worse bullshit and dangers in here.

This place has broken many Divine Laws
Interference with Sovereign Souls
Of the Divine Source Creator
....numerous attacks towards me just this day......
and there are Consequences a comin’ brothers and sisters
and guess WHO is watchin’ your every move right now...

The more you continue with the charade and work the machine, the more you are part of the problem, the more you will experience a problem in your very near future

and it is a big problem....
the past doesn't just go poof and vanish away
- The records are there …every last word and deed -

The past meets the present ..meets the FUTURE….

and the future aint looking too rosy for you role playing monkeys especially the ones at the top of the dung heap I'll tell ya that for free.

 Quoting: " " 961540


One of a few warnings that were
posted by a few
clearly Ignored by most
(but not all thankfully)

After the notices to Cease and Desist
from all further attacks and interference
with/of Sovereign Being's Energy Fields
and physical Human targets >

> the attacks continued
in fact became more pronounced and desperate
and heavy handed ..

revealing much
to those that watch
and take note of every D-tale

I.E. You took the bait with all hands (and claws)
and proceeded to try and
destroy your target/s
with every little tool at your disposal
with self actualized free willful choice
albeit hive-minded

Do you think you can now back-peddle your way out of there
by invoking rituals and spells of FAKE lurve.


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