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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Astræa
Post Content
Your attacks were noted however

There WILL be consequences for you.
 Quoting: " " 961540

There is a familiar non-material structure called femto ring to this, dontchathink? burnit
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1054767

I say its Ahim-sa because he knows too much about me from back then, funny to see he's picked up on the mask theory and energetic imprints.Obviously still has it in for you.
Got alot of Crowley study behind him by the looks of things.And why wouldnt you if you were a huge Led Zep fan, Robert plant bought Crowleys house and property.

But yea, only other person I ever saw use the attenshunhore pic was Ahim-Sa.

Talk about double persona tricks.
 Quoting: Sandy

Sorry to burst your bubble but Ahim-sa I aint

If I was I woulda kicked canislatrannies attention whoring boring ass a long time ago...
along with a few others.........
 Quoting: " " 961540

Zo..So ... re " " , <"^"> ,
a pause " , and a paws "" to REFlect upon the men E flecks that they tried to brush
under the rug , and then try and permanently silence
through weapons of violence
and pychic , black magick attack
Including HAARP CERN GWEN/TETRA Civilian and Military Digital transmission WI-Fly towers that be
& Sat(ans)E-lites and fancy cloaked flying gizmos from the R Complex from hell
and some not so fancy ... ...
attacking innocents
SOVEREIGN BEINGS .. (remember that concept?.. even recognize the word? .. yeah ..thot knot)
attacking 24/7 relentlesly as they wilt do, .. have done, since before publicly recorded time got in line
let alone on-line

In answer to the above accusations of who is " "

No - it was not "non-material structure" or "femto"


No - it was not "Ahim-sa"

Considering the serious dark issues within this deep tissue,
..the constant attempts
to seek out and murder or torture/destroy individuals for
speaking OUT and speaking TRUTH
WITHOUT FEAR within this Realm
while simply seeking
and speaking
to promote
A 'Freedom'
WAY, way beyond the old Drakonian powers prescriptive descriptive
manipulation of the word FREEDOM
into sum-thing so shallow and insignificant and lifeless / soulless
beyond the mere patronising of intellect ....
like a 'free' lunch or a free plastic toy
with your mikkki dee's genetically mummified burglar
as if the dummies that wanted to be ..
(to be so insanely all consumingly powerful 4ever+ever)
were pacifying a mere child with 'behavioral problems'
with a pacifier ...dummy
double dipped in artificial sacharine sweetener
with an android zombie pl-Eh! station (w)rapped to go
+ then forced to sit on the N0ught T step ...

...the sheer audacity ... audaciousness
is almost unbelievable
unless you heard and saw it for yourself
outside the box that herd and sore

...yet it was and is ...
to this very day
the way they 'play'

well .. NO WAY
JA Say

I am sure the dark klown 'powers' that wanna be
and their miny-me minions reading this
through kellogs seekret plastic de'k'oder rings
would very much like evidence pointing directly to
the identity of the poster " " and others ..
for 'thought crimes' and other trumped up nonsense

but lacking proof, they have proceeded ANYWAY ..
as per business as usual ..
in the same manner they ASSASSINATE politicians, scientists and all those
with enough awareness of the dark machinations (& cogs)
and the balls to speak out or resist ..

.. they have broken every LAW imaginable - basic Human Law ..
and CERTAINLY Divine Law ....
and Walked .. no waltz'd all over IT

.... proceeding to physically and etherically - every which way one could imagine -
attack those ones they have on their list of 'suspects'
and special marked 'study subjects'
using all the (publicly funded) dark 'black project', 'hidden'
and 'et' weaponry at their disposal
beyond the USUAL(USE U ALL) simple psychic attacks and mind control programs

Please note that those chasing after said individual/s with ill intent
and those behind (or associated with) the crimes already mentioned numerous times
before this post
- Will do more than simple petty 'time'
for their crime


Fake 'love' and honeeepot luvtrapsss
was a big part of their attempted brainwashing mind control program
which they use to disempower and overwhelm their victims
through specific Emotional Energy Centre Manipulation
when the mind simply won't fol-low the big plastic bouncy ball
marked 'here kitty'
..and very much like the Reptilian porn industry of today
= All of the above has nothing to do with L*O*V*E* IT-SELF
which remains a big mystery to them still
and perhaps ALways WILL

In their pityful (lower)case 'l-o-v-e' is just another four letter word to be used and abused
as used on Humans caught in the repeat-re-cycle endless karma farm in the ol' owl barn

Toyed with like a cat and mouse 'game'

BUT ........ (for lovers of BIG butts and FU(OO)L . STOPS . . .)

>> This aint a 'game' chucklef**ks >>

 Quoting: WL1 1565709

I'm not sure i follow...

First of all - EVERYBODY knows who I am... if they/you/whoever is reading...if you have not, by now, figured out who and WHAT I am...then you are beyond redemption... SerIOUSsly...inDEED.... blah blah blah

what is really interesting is that currently I amuse myself by creating Light; which radiates, emaantes and so-forth from my hands and my eyes...Great flashes in the skies, lightning, plasma...what is it? I am working it up...Soon Cosmic Light comes to greet me... the ice is still melting, the waters are eager, the air is hushed, what more?

what more ?

here is a funny thing... all my stuffed animals are puppets...

do you

sense a theme here...?

seriously... it gets most boring before the end, okay...

well I hope you all have a nice friday night...
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