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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Astræa
Post Content
I'm not sure i follow...

First of all - EVERYBODY knows who I am... if they/you/whoever is reading...if you have not, by now, figured out who and WHAT I am...then you are beyond redemption... SerIOUSsly...inDEED.... blah blah blah

what is really interesting is that currently I amuse myself by creating Light; which radiates, emaantes and so-forth from my hands and my eyes...Great flashes in the skies, lightning, plasma...what is it? I am working it up...Soon Cosmic Light comes to greet me... the ice is still melting, the waters are eager, the air is hushed, what more?

 Quoting: Astræa

So, who asked you to follow?

Why respond to a post if you don't 'follow'.

You posted (( " " )) in a single post prev.
It led down a past mammory lane pointing to the origins of certain behavioral hive
patterns and programmed responses.

It is exceedingly clear to see.

As for the 'Astræa' puppet ... Why would I know it / 'you'?

...Other than some bait and wait claims about being a god, a creator and Jesus by jove.
Endlessly self absorbed in your own programming is what is highly apparent tho' mkay.

Beyond redemption? lol. Redemption dependent on your external internal calculatory ideology methodological (a)musings of your own identity parade crisis.
Rather amusing .... or is it just sad.

Do you have a pulse?

I am not feeling it.
 Quoting: White Light 1 1565709

Bait and wait!!!

Sorry - I don't care what you think that I am, I have no reason or need to prove anything to you...about what I am...

That you can't sense me, that so many, that should be able to sense me, See me, do not... that is not good news for you and this place

At All

It has been almost 2 years that I began to change, and grow... and grow and change...

and still - nothing?

I'm sorry, I'm just rambling on and on... perhaps you had something 'real' to say?

Or you could put "Alan" on... the nice man at the Casino...what did he say his job was... Research Analyst?
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