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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle yeshyouwanna
Post Content
What does this phrase mean: "I coulda been SOMEbody! I coulda been a contender!"


How does a poor dockworker, "contend" for a better life?

And, if one is somebody, that is to say, a person feels in their inner dialogue that "NOW, I am SOMEBODY!" ...Well, what does it mean?

If the Pope sprinkles holy dust on you, well, what were you before that?

Obviously there are billions of nobodys because it is the elite somebodies who raise themselves above the nobodies/amharetz/accursed masses, etc.

It's not the "nobody" part that means something. It's the "THE" part.

Picture Jesus as the ultimate nobody, at a time when all the world was awaiting THE SOMEBODY. Well see, The Somebody didn't come, we just got some coin-tossing, banker-whipping, lady-follower-having hippie-type homeless preacher who hadn't even a place to lie his head down. Dude, instead of being THE SOMEBODY which Satan offered him the job, decided to be THE nobody of his time. He rode in as King, on a donkey, to say to the lawyer/bankers of his day: "I am just a piece of merchandise to be sold in your temple/market like all the other goods you haul in on your donkey-caravans from Babylon. He mocked them by placing himself on an ass, like Balaam, another ultimate nobody of his own time.

So, how would anyone in the right place and time, become THE nobody?

It's not enough to be homeless and hate bankers and lawyers like Jesus did. Nor is it enough to have unparalleled speaking gifts and a flock of female adherents who massage oil betweeen your toes, like Jesus did.

...Hmm, or is it?
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