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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

There are things worse going on that having to bother about the Rothschilds.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1012673

Hmm. Nah, you still are like a fog of self deception.

You contribute nothing.

There is only the shecklemongers, there is only fractional reserve currency, there is only Kings acting as destroyers like Shicklegruber. Whatever else you think is important, is just an indication that you don't know the plot, and you can't hear the tune.

I will proceed to make these upcoming pages relevant, if I am not banned. Where will you be? You will by saying stupid shit like the above. It's one thing to do nothing, but it is another thing to purposefully distract people away from the truth.

As the saying goes, "For every ten striking the branch there is one striking the root" ...Tell me "Austria", what root would you strike, if you could muster it, and if you had any ability to chop? You say this root called "Red Sheild" which is the shecklmongering, Hitler raising power, is not the right root?

Have fun among the branches, hopefully you aren't too far up in the tree. But in the end, I doubt it will matter.

Hmmm, what happened in Austria in 1926? And France, hmm, did they have the right to steal coal from post-Hitler Germans Saar territories? France seemed to do well for their part, they built the Dimona reactor didn't they? Go ahead with your truth, if you have any.
 Quoting: irradiated 2913271

I am not here to contribute. I just comment on the games of some people so that they do not get it that wrong that they would end on the wrong side. I am not seriously intending to help you in any matter. Even if I could, I will leave you the doubt on this because in the end I do not give a f@ck and do not need it.
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