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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle un-dialectic-ing
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Was Mussolini a commie?

[link to history1900s.about.com]

In 1904, Mussolini returned to Italy to serve his conscription requirement in Italy’s peace-time army. In 1909, he lived for a short time in Austria working for a trade union. He wrote for a socialist newspaper and his attacks on militarism and nationalism resulted in his expulsion from Austria.


On October 31, 1922, at the age of 39, Mussolini was sworn in as prime minister of Italy.

After elections were held, Mussolini controlled enough seats in parliament to appoint himself Il Duce ("the leader") of Italy. On January 3, 1925, with the backing of his Fascist majority, Mussolini declared himself dictator of Italy.

For a decade, Italy prospered in peace. However, Mussolini was intent on turning Italy into an empire and to do that, Italy needed a colony. So, in October 1935, Italy invaded Ethiopia. The conquest was brutal. Other European countries criticized Italy, especially for Italy's use of mustard gas. In May 1936, Ethiopia surrendered and Mussolini had his empire.

This was the height of Mussolini's popularity; it all went downhill from here.

And Saint Iggy of course...

Was he a fascist?

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

After World War I, Seipel, a member of the constituent assembly of German Austria, re-established the formerly monarchist Christian Social Party, now operating – the empire having been lost – in the First Austrian Republic. Party chairman from 1921 until 1930, he served as chancellor between 1922 and 1924, and again from 1926 until 1929, then also as Foreign Minister.

To restore the Austrian economy, Chancellor Seipel and his delegate Mensdorff-Pouilly-Dietrichstein on 4 October 1922 signed the Protocol for the reconstruction of Austria at the League of Nations: by officially renouncing accession to Germany, he obtained an international bond. In order to fight the hyperinflation of the Krone currency the government at the same time re-implemented the independent National Bank of Austria with the task of securing monetary stability. However, these policies let to growing discontent by socialist workers' organizations, and in June 1924 an attempt was made on Seipel's life by a frustrated worker [1].

Leading a right-wing coalition government supported by the Greater German People's Party and the Landbund, his main policy was the encouragement of cooperation between wealthy industrialists and the paramilitary units of the nationalist Heimwehren. This alignment led to an increase in street violence and armed conflicts with the left-wing Republikanischer Schutzbund, culminating in the Vienna July Revolt of 1927 claiming numerous casualties. The Social Democratic opposition thereafter referred to Seipel as the "Bloody Prelate".

Hmm, why would someone on this thread from the beginning, be saying that Rothschild is not important?

From where did St. Iggy get his Austrian International Bond, to restore his nation?

How does one "bond" with International money? From where does it come?

Let us also consider Pius 12 and his Jesuit confessor in these years leading up to the great Zio Bloodletting of WW2. He who wears the classy sunglasses and skates through WW2 unscathed.

Also, shall we say that St. Malachy, might be useful to those who wish to destroy Rome?

Further: IT is a lie to say that Maurice Joly was the source of Pikes letter to Mazzini. The main question to ask is, why would someone like Pike, allow someone like Joly, to represent him in word? The Pike voice, which Joly voiced, says that when Rome is destroyed according to Malachy's template, that Pope will hide within the Orthodoxy of Russia. It is interesting to note the Orthodxy of Russia is trying to claim some space on the globo-chessboard for that move to come in the future. They will welcome the power, no doubt, when the Pope flees to the safety of Russia.

I wonder what the Italian mob will do, when the Russian mob has their Pope? To whom will they tithe? Who will recieve the confession of Michael Corleone and his ancestors? These are the questions to ask. French girls, on the other hand, need only stand there and look pretty. They don't need to say anything about history. They are lovely even when theur heads are empty and their voices silent.

"Cowardice is manifest by silence." - A. Lincoln
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