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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I guess French girls do live in Austria.

But none of them have to be stupid as a result. They can, any of them, know truth, and say truth.

Ah yes, French girls in Austria. Lots to work with there.

I am amazed I'm not banned yet, I need to add more to this and other pages because 1926 and forward are epic years. Well you know, for people who care about history. I guess that doesn't include you.

But you do love mirrors... Dont you. You love your lack of reflection in them? Im not saying you are a vampire, but there is a tremendous sucking being applied here by somebody. Ha!
 Quoting: prussian blues? 2913271

What has mirrors to do with it. If some people spread BS because it is "in" it is me that is going to be astrally attacked. It is more in my interest that they direct their attention to the right person for the role they want to play.

I very well see my reflection in my mirror every time I brush my hairs. Thank you for your concern.
There is a big business here in getting me upset. For my sake I would not expect much and I have more serious websites for businesses related to the sake of my soul. I would be indeed be damned if it were my sole point of reference.
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