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Message Subject The Illuminati was made a offer they couldn't refuse.
Poster Handle that one dude
Post Content
Voters: You are fools.

Seriously, I ask you to step outside your paradigm and observe the truth.

The vote is a bullet to your own head. When you pull the lever, you are terminating anything good inside yourself. Voting, is a scam, a trick, designed to make you feel you are doing right, being 'patriotic' and so forth, when in fact, you are the opposite.

You are useless, non thinking, assholes. Because you vote.

Now, I myself, was raised in a cult called "Jehovah's Witnesses". And my whole life, I observed this group from within, seeing them talk shit about the US and the world in general. Then when I was a young man, I walked away from that horseshit, you see, I exercised a TRUE VOTE, which is non compliance, and refusal to participate. I voted with my feet.

Voting by refusing to participate, is the only true vote. REFUSAL and NONCOMPLIANCE is the only true vote.

Once I left the Charles Russell Company aka Watchtower Inc, and live as a freeman, well, I had to start learning about the world, because like all cults, they keep their members insulated from facts. They say "All nations are in the grasp of Satan! Beware of everything outside!!" ...This is true of all cultish groups including Amish, Scientology, etc, etc, all groups have outsiders, as their real opponent. The outside world, will steal their loosh, will steal their power over their members, you see? That is why the Watchtower does their door to door soul stealing, even as they do not believe in souls.

But before Charles Russell Inc. and all the similar cult cadre of his sort (essentially all closed off religions), there was the money power, the slave power. This power of slave, being raised up by the Dutch East India Co around 1600 AD, exploited Africa and made tremendous fortunes off selling and buying humans. That is the nest, into which the US Constitutional Egg, was laid and hatched, it was a nest built from the bones of slaves and indentured servants.

I learned this only after leaving the Watchtower Propaganda machine, because that is the nature of a freeman's life, he has to smash through the spheres, and see what is beyond. And so yes, when I left the Watchtower Publishing Conglomerate, I began learning everything about history, and specifically US history.

The problem is, I read all the wrong books about US history. Being an outsider, I read all the things normal Americans don't read. Like the history of the Federal Reserve, and the history of the Jews and crypto-Judaism, and I therefore became a conspiracy researcher, pretty much right from the first moment I stepped out of the cult, and into "the world". Please note: Everyone in my shoes, who has left a cult into which they were born, can certainly relate to this. They know what I'm describing.

So when I officially told the Charles Russell Co. to fuck off, I had maybe two years before suddenly, the world changed, and 9/11 happened. So from a 'worldly' perspective, I was only two years old, when suddenly, America itself was altered in a way that most Americans still have not come to grasp. I am saying that my background allowed me to see, that very morning, what was happening to the USA. My first gut reaction to the towers falling was "Now that is impressive!" ...I knew I was seeing mind controlling spectacle.

After that day, I pushed my researching to the maximum. I had already divorced my useless cultish wife whom the Watchtower had wedding me to, so I was a young single brain, now unfettered, free to find out WHY and WHERE, the chain of events from 1600 to 1776 to 2001, began and what propels it. So I spent the next ten years after 9/11, doing nothing but research on my own, whilst working in the InfoTech field. So I did essentially pure research, away from the scholastic brain-mushing colleges where nobody ever learns anything. I was free to drink from the river of truth, and learn about all the history I have explained, in the peanuts I have added to this thread.

But you see, something died in me on the ten year anniversary of 9/11. In September 2011, I realized there wasn't any hope any more. After ten years of reading and amassing my personal library (which is huge and is my most valued treasure), I understood that Americans are inside a sort of cult not unlike the Watchtower. Americans who are born into "patriot life" whom I might call "normal", are some of the most controlled people around me. It's not the same kind of control as in a cult, because they have freedom. Freedom to obey the electoral college. But what I am saying is that this is not freedom.

And even if they ditched the electoral college, it wouldn't matter, because money is used to make TV commericals and programming by delphic means, such that even if there was a popular vote which was real, the minds of the Americans (and any voting nation who has the illusion of freedom), would all still end up voting for vetted candidates because only such vetted candidates would get the campaign funds. Americans nod their heads and believe that yes, it takes a billion dollars to run a winning horse in this game.

But let's take a look at those two horses. One is a white dude, just like all the rest of them, he could literally be produced in the "white asshole cloning chambers". Obviously we can see, he's a moneymaking douche with no soul. Then there's the Indonesian man with the fake name. Some people like to call him "black". But no, he is not black, like black Americans might dream of having some great man represent them like George Washington Carver (who was a greta black American). No, this man, is crafted and hollowed out, specifically to hook and catch, the black votes.

I will continue if this message doesn't get me banned, but the most obvious truth as to why you shouldn't vote, is the drug war. When I left the Watchtower Propaganda Machine for end times psychosis, I became essentially, a worshiper of the cannabis plant. Yes, like many black Americans, I adore and smoke cannabis.

And this is the primary reason I now know that all voting is bullshit: It simply empowers the existing mandates. Any voter, acting today, is just enabling the worst shit ever brought to Earth, which is the DRUG WAR. If you vote, you enable black markets, you enable the drug prisons and you vote yes to their expansion. If you vote, you are essentially ending freedom.

I now know, that PLANTS are the true divinity of Earth. And both parties, red and blue, know this. And that is why they accomplish their war on plants. around 1850 or so, all the primary derivatives of plants began to be patented. Nicotine, coca, etc, all of these are patented and owned and are the basis of the black markets.

I woke up this morning and had to write this out, and I assume maybe 2% of those who read it, will understand. As I have conducted my IP based ministry of truth, I have been consistently suggesting that a thing called "Superjury(tm)", is what will resolve all this.

Superjury(tm) is the only way to restore just courts, while simultaneously making the vote, a true one. Superjury(tm) will prevent the assheads and gangsters, from protecting their black markets.

Voting as you do, for the white guy or the almost white Indonesian/Kenyan, will only enslave your children, to the heroin needle, and the empty headed way that is being observed all around you. You wonder why you feel hopless as you vote? Well wake the fuck up and hear what I am saying: Voting removes hope and destroys all nations.

All voting will result in Marxist Luciferian bullshit along the lines of Kissenger's wet dreams. Know this. I'm just one of the people who left Plato's cave, and I am trying to speak to those who have never left the cave of the mind, and who are still watching the projections on the wall. I am saying that the deep feelings of despair, are fertilized and watered and blossomed, by this process of voting.

Having explained this, then we must discuss the "or else", which is essentially how all humans are controlled. Like a parent who will try to reason with a child, then finally they give up and say "Vote or else." ...So the question is what? Or else what? Because you see, I don't like being threatened, and when someone tells me "or else", I am typically going to call their bluff, so as to arrive at the real. I like to know what people mean by or else.

So the "or else" of voting is that if you don't vote, well, then tyranny will result, right? BUT IT ALREADY IS HERE! Therefore, what you need to see, is that refusal to vote IS THE TRUE VOTE, but you have to go further, you have to press the Indonesian or the white guy, to see what he means when he says or else. Barry has already had four years to end the war on plants, and you'd think blacks (who traditionally are great lovers of plants and farmers of them) would be able to call bullshit on him. But no, they seem to be powerless to resist his jibba jabba.

Superjury(tm), is the only solution. Because yes, voting could be useful, but only if the people control it. Only if the vote is about issues --like for example should weed be controlled by gangsters and shitheads like the Clintons and SS cadre like BushCo. Only by voting ISSUES can the vote ever become a tool for good, and cease to be a tool of enslavement. Superjury(tm), where people gather at stadiums and vote openly by doing the wave either clockwise for yes or counter-clockwise for no, is the only solution.

As a final image, I want you to imagine yourself participating in Superjury(tm). You are at the stadium, voting by standing up with your fellow citizens. You can see who on your left and right, is voting the opposite way. For example, your neighbor is doing the wave in the opposite direction. And so this allows you both to discuss the issues. In fact, Superjury(tm), will take a long time, because there needs to be lots of discussion. But the point is, it is a remedy for this childish pap that you have been fed and which you slave under: Namely that the secret ballot and the COTUS are somehow going to deliver you from tyranny. They will not, I assure you.

Let us consider the founding fathers. You see, they didn't have stadiums. They had to do the best with what they had. Also they were rumrunners and slavefuckers, God bless 'em. You know damn well all the founding fathers of America would be disgusted by your behavior, and how you all line up with your stupid tails between your legs to vote as if it will change anything. I am saying with 100% confidence, as a nobody, just a dude, that you shame everything that freedom is about, by participating in this Satanic Kissingeresque circlejerk of impotence called modern voting. I am saying that if the Founding Fathers could rise up from their graves, they would love my idea of Superjury(tm). They were crazy rebellious awesomely empowered men (and their women). The founders wanted the COTUS to be amended for good, not amended for control like the 16th and 18th Amendments. The founders would immediately hand all these SCOTUS judges in public, I am sure of it. The founding fathers are still valued by me, though for the first part of my life, I was not allowed to know them. I am one man, explaining to you how to bring the founders back to America, and it has to be large scale public voting of issues, not voting which asshole will rule you.

I ask you to value freedom and discuss it and move toward it, rather then sentencing your future children and grandchildren to the complete tyranny of the Satanic dicks who laugh at you as you line up to vote your own slavery. I have explained how to have it. Take it where you want, or mock my idea, but I am a free and informed American and I can see that you voters are all heading face first down a black hole, and its because you are too cowardly to face the truth, and to afraid to think of anything new. Don't get mad or upset, just print this post out and discuss it at work, school, etc. Yes, I am happy to be seen as a 'kook', frankly, being raised in the Watchtower Propaganda Machine, how can I be anything else? Well I mean Eisenhower was also raised in it but he was smart enough to leave early, and also he had a clear path in his day. In my time here, all I have to work with is 9/11, the final moment of the SS takeover of America. But no matter what your background, every individual person can muster courage within themselves, and take a stand for truth. It is in this spirit and the spirit of the founding fathers and the civil war, that I write this to you. I love you, I love all people of Earth. Please, do not allow it to die.
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